Thursday, September 21

Holiday Photos - part 1

I won't bore you all with all 65 photos - I wouldn't be that cruel, but I shall try and pick a few favourites.

Those of you who know me, know what for the past 4 years Nigel and I have gone on holiday to France and Belgium with the sole purpose to visit war graves. Don't stop reading! it really isn't as bad as it sounds- it's actually fun driving about searching out cemeteries in the strangest of places. Yes it is moving, but I manage to have fun (respectfully of course) plus to keep me sweet I am indulged in my life long weakness for expensive beauty products that seem to be everywhere.

Thiepval,the names of over 73,000 men who have no known graves are commemorated here - designed by Sir Edwin Lutyens

A real Lutyens detail - herrinbone pattern brick paths.

This gives you a sense of the scale of the monument
Mill Road Cementery - in the middle of nowhere-1,300 burials

More of the Welsh Dragon tomorrow

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  1. fantastic photos lynn!

    my favourite is the one of the atmospheric.

    looking forward to more holiday tales. x


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