Thursday, September 14

Isn't he Lovely?

This is Tennyson, Stella's newly adopted cat.

He doesn't leave her alone, always wanting cuddles and kisses, and he's so adventurous wanting to explore his lovely new garden at every opportunity.


  1. "Isn't he Wonderful?"

    Singing aside...he really is a cutie :)

    Sadly our cat Bosco is Mr Aloof...not a kiss or cuddle to be had :( so Stella is a lucky lady!

    Our neighbour's cat Felix however is v affectionate & so we get our share when he makes his daily visit. I'm hoping that B will one day sit on my lap like he did as a kitten...maybe he's going through his stroppy teenager phase??! x

  2. Has Bosco had the chop? That is said to make them more affectionate. Maybe when it gets cooler..........

  3. He has indeed...maybe that's why he fell out with me!!

    Actually he has his moments...he likes to be picked up & cuddled & he does like to sleep on the end of our bed. His big sign of affection is to do a kind of flop on his side when he sees us :)

    Maybe he's saving his snuggles for old age?


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