Sunday, October 29


I don't know what I did, but it's back - I did remove a page element - what I'm listening to today - just as well as it was causing me some degree of embarrassment!
Today for instance my husband bought a Jam CD and played it on the way home from Chichester - I think he might be starting the male menopause.
Many years ago I saw one of them in Guildford High Street -Bruce Foxton or whatever his name is wearing cowboy boots! They were never the same after that.

Harry in a reflective mood


  1. that could have been a fun page element though! very revealing :)

    lloyd cole is need for embarassment. it made me wonder if i could really admit to all of my daily listens. i know my brother would probably not be amused, still i can't help my tastes & they do reach far & wide.

    in my eyes mr weller can do no wrong, i guess mr foxton can & did :)

    wonder what harry's thinking? x

  2. I have to disagree regarding Paul Weller - have you seen his hair recently?

    I do like Lloyd Cole,I fancy Lloyd Cole - he can sing to me anytime.

    Harry can only think about 3 things, walkies, cats, and dinner time; oh and world peace.

  3. oh yes...i stand corrected...i forgot he's still got that same haircut & it's not really working!!! definitely needs those side bits trimming...hee hee :) better on the radio

    lloyd c = yum. you've reminded me to get out the old albums for a listen.


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