Wednesday, November 1

New Model

This is a new shape felt flower corsage/pin.

I want to tweak the shape slightly, but basically I am pleased with how it turned out.

Stella has cut me a shape she wants to develop - so I'll photograph and show once we both happy with the results.

Today's other news - Nesty has inspired me to do a spot of biscuit baking. I do sadly have a weakness for biscuits and cakes (amongst many other things) and should strictly speaking not be perusing my cookery books for a tempting recipe - I shall post a photo should the results be photogenic enough!
I have fence panels arriving this afternoon. There is a certain age when this sort of thing stops being sad and starts being exciting. I find the prospect of new fencing very exciting.....


  1. Anonymous6:37 PM

    scrumptious, I can almost smell it from here!

  2. I'm making you a green one:)

  3. Anonymous7:53 PM

    oooooooooo, squeak;)

  4. the corsage is gorgeous lynn!! looks so lovely on that lovely coat...nice lining :)

    happy baking...i'm going to make your bara b as our friday cake this week (thanks again for the recipe!)...must get ingredients tomorrow so i can soak the fruit :)

    hope your fence panels were pleasing on their arrival...ours is v dodgy so i appreciate your excitment at such a thing! x

  5. p.s. thanks for the mention!

  6. I made melting moments again - too weak to do much else - and I've eaten a large amount of them :(
    The fence panels are great although a bit on the orange side - they could be stained, but I doubt if that will happen, but never say never.
    Do hope you all enjoy the bara brith.


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