Sunday, October 1

Girlie Sunday

After Louise mentioned Hobits in her last few posts I shall be playing the BBC recording of The Lord of the Rings while ironing today (which incidentally Louise gave me) I have found the only way I can enjoy ironing is listening to something that transports me into another dimension - be it an interesting story, or music; and as my husband has gone to Tottenham to watch football I have just myself and Harry for company - lovely.

I also plan to graze on bit's and bobs from the fridge, and I might even pop the heating on as an act of defiance!

Archieve photo of Dandelion - she's the wild one from next door

He's just as cute from behind


  1. it would probably take me the whole of lord of the rings to get through my pile of ironing :) it is essential to have something to make the chore in some way a pleasure! i just had a piece of battenburg & earl grey tea after unloading the dishwasher...any excuse!!

    hope you enjoyed your pm with harry/fridge food/cosy home...

    is harry friends with dandelion or is that a silly question?!! she's v pretty!

    x kelly

    p.s. thanks v much again for the printer fabric link. i ordered a catalogue from them & just got it today...i'll do you a wip soon :)

  2. Has he gone to see the 'totty' in Tottingham? Did you mean Tottenham to see the football?
    Have you read 'Eats, Shoots and Leaves'?

  3. Eats, Shoots and Leaves would be wasted on me Stella.
    I should as you so rightly point of said Nigel went to Tottenham, and I shall edit out my mistake with great haste!
    Kelly - Glad crafty paper link was useful.
    I did indead enjoy my Sunday even though I did 2 hours solid ironing! (Frodo has got as far as Bree)


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