Tuesday, October 3

Tile Hunting

Although my tile purchases are behind me - I like to think I can still look, so yesterday I went to Marlborough (in Wiltshire) with my neighbour to buy tiles direct from Marlborough Tiles.

Seconds are available at a very good discount, and worth in my opinion a trip to buy them.

Marlborough is a lovely market town, full of polite posh children who all seem to look alike - the boys have foppish curly hair, and the girls have long hair that they toss from side to side. I guess chavy types have their "look" it makes sense that further up the food chain they have theirs?We are all tribal at some level.

Sam outside Marlborough Tiles -

Very nice, but not quite me
Can't resist a vista
Did I buy anything?
Of course I did! I have been wanting one of these for ages - do you think it will make me tidier?


  1. love the momento holder, very romatic. do they make the tiles in Marlborough too?

  2. Yes, it's all very local.

  3. you & your tile thing!! glad to see you got your fix :)

    malborough sounds lovely. i think that tribe probably co-exists in stamford which is a town near here.

    love your purchase...i've admired these in the plumo catalogue for some time...how nice to come home with something. tidier? hmmmm...?! x


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