Thursday, October 19

So Bracing

Just returned from my second walk.

After my second breakfast!

The sea was rough, but even though the wind was blowing very hard it was surprisingly mild.

Harry found 4 rotting fish and sampled them all, so on our return he had a face an ear shampoo.

Best of this morning batch of photos - it didn't help my assistant kept barking every time I turned my camera on.

Light not in the right place to capture full beauty of the tree - I'll have another go on another day.

Tide was going out hence the smaller waves.


  1. WOW!! love your photos!

    i just adore the coast when it's bracing like that!! (windswept hair sticks to lip balm weather) just back from norfolk & i'm missing the sea already :(

    2 walks again? you're too good! & 2 breakfasts sounds wonderful, my favourite meal of the day :)

  2. My favourite too.

    I'm pleased you are enjoying my photos - I love taking them. I can't get much closer to the sea when it's rough because of the spray.
    2 walks - it won't last!


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