Wednesday, October 18


A year ago today we moved to this house.

During today I have been thinking about the passing of time, and how in another 20 years I'll be old and wrinkly, whereas 20 years ago I was gorgeous and vital (although I didn't know it of course)

Que some photos of me 20 years ago - alas they are in the eve's cupboard and they they will stay for some time, but I will try and scan a couple in due course.

Today I have upped my exercise regime and Harry had 2 walks. I was very remiss and forgot to take my camera, but tomorrow I won't as I discovered some fantastically gnarled trees and can't wait to snap away.

M&S Fondant Fancies - in my opinion they should be classed as a banned substance and the Police should arrest anyone found in possession of such temptations, and thrown in the poky for their own good.


  1. Anonymous2:43 PM

    I can't believe that was a year ago. How much has changed since that fateful day! House is looking lovely, how is your yummy kitchen?

  2. it's yummy, but a bit untidy - I shall make it look lovely and take a picture for you.

    Still needs finishing off - when I have unpacked my niky nacky noos and put the odd picture up it will be perfect.

  3. happy anniversary!

    looking forward to the archive photos when they come. love your new profile pic...v gigbird from what i know of you through blogworld :)

    well done with the walks. sweet pink fancies should be allowed now & then for that sugar kick (how delightful with tea??!) but i know what you're saying...i'm on the run from the banned-battenburg police squad. it'll be a long sentence when they finally catch up with me! x

  4. Battenburg - do you have a particular order of eating all the components - or is that just me?
    Marzipan first, pink pieces, then yellow - then another slice!


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