Tuesday, November 28


I have just purchased a dehumidifier. I'm not going to take a photo - it's just a white humming lump that will probably be in the hall, but regardless of it's lack of aesthetic note I have wanted one for years.
It's addition to my gadgetry is very comforting as I have an (inherited) thing about condensation - it freaks me rather and prevents sleep. My mothers bete noire is steam, no jam roly poly for me when I was young!

This is my first attempt at the peony corsage - the pattern and instructions came courtesy of Louise Loves Pinboard
Already Stella and I have been tweaking with the original cut out, modifying the petal and leaf shapes, but that's what we enjoy doing, obtaining perfection!!
Good day for photography, so another angle...
My finished scarf made from some fabulous wool Louise sent me from the Big Apple. I will add a flower corsage in complimentary colours when I've finished my next batch of Florence Hope...


  1. Anonymous3:58 PM

    truly, madly, deeply beautiful corsages, love the colours.

    as for the scarf, what with your knitting skills and that FdC yarn - looks cosy-tastic ;)

  2. Bless you!

    I don't think I shall ever progress to socks, although it is a life ambition to be able to knit cashmere bedsocks - I cannot stress the importance of warm feet in bed enough..

  3. Anonymous9:37 PM

    i concur, cold feet are miserable feet.

    you may yet get your dream though as only today I re-visited my tie-for-first favourite yarn store in NYC, 'Point' - to enquire about sock knitting classes. it will probably take me the rest of my time here to make them, but you and rustersmob have yourselves a cashmere sock credit with sewmaiow ;)

  4. peonies...my favourite flower. your 1st attempt looks so pretty! lovely colours + shapes...how's the tweaking coming along? the scarf looks v cosy + will be great with a matching corsage...please post an update on the combo :)

  5. Thank you - Stella and I chose felt that was a close match to real peonies, and we made the petal shape more round - more like the real thing.The next one is going to have stitching on the leaves.
    Peonies are Stella's favourite flower; I can't commit to just one, but I do love them too never the less.
    I shall make a flower corsage for the scarf over the weekend and post a photo just for you:)


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