Wednesday, November 29

Photo Shoot

Oh my, the perils of taking photos for Etsy.

All I can say is thank the Lord for digital technology. Every little piece of fluff or cat hair (thank you Tennyson) shows, but only when I have looked at the pictures on my computer screen, so then I have to re-shoot..... Never mind, what would I be doing if I wasn't playing with my camera and "styling"?

Anyway, I one good thing to come out of all this is I am cleaning and tidying with great gusto.

I really like this picture, but can you see the grease/slobber/? mark on the wall?
It's still there...I shall have to get my paint brush out - again

This isn't too bad,

Fluff and cat hair alert! Where are my sticky mits?

I think Father Christmas will have to bring me Photoshop.


  1. Anonymous12:59 PM

    we are all our own harshest critics,

    i think your photo shoot looks delightful, if only I had some egg cups i would dive into a boiled egg and soldiers right now!

    vive la hope de florence

  2. great photos lynn :)

    i find light a big help/hinderer...if the light's good it makes such a difference. flashes are just a no go. i join you in the cat hair problem + the styling part is fun to play at! i have to admit i wouldn't have noticed the slobber/grease at all...the florence hope things are too nice to look past! i have photoshop but still don't know how to work it really...on my evergrowing/neverending list of things to do!! loading the photos on etsy can sometimes be a pain i find...good luck + if you find any easy tips please share :)

  3. Thank you for the compliments:)
    The one thing I have found straight forward on Etsy is uploading photos! it's just everything else.... but I do think I have the "new" etsy which seems a lot easier than the old style.
    I quite agree about using the flash, however it does make my hair look glossy when it goes off, so not all bad;-)


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