Thursday, November 23

Foraging in London - the highlights!

For some time now I have been hankering after a visit to the Cloth House and today I finally got to visit both shops in Bewick Lane.Yes I made purchases in both shops (buttons and felt) but I was very disappointed, underwhelmed would best describe how the experience left me.
Before I was asked not to take any photos I managed to snap these buttons,

But then we headed for Liberty's where I could while away hours just looking at the beautiful detailing of the building alone.
After a very pleasant lunch we made our way to the haberdashery and wool where I found bits and bobs for Florence Hope projects.

As Harry is having an operation tomorrow we had to rush back as he isn't allowed to eat after 7pm so we needed to make sure, as we are fasting too we had time to stuff our faces before the clock struck 7!


  1. Anonymous2:22 PM

    agh, the old underwhelmed feeling, what a disappointment. Lucky you had reliable Liberty's to turn to ;) - looking forward to seeing FH's new creations sporting your purchases...

    Hope Harry is ok - perhaps he deserves another mince pie after his ordeal?

  2. good old liberty never fails to satisfy...for me it has to be the bestest shop in world...EVER!! i went on friday with my mum but didn't have nearly enough much goodness there + that flower stall...swoon :)

  3. Small world!
    I would love a beautiful bunch of those flowers....
    Did you buy anything?
    Did you go to the cookery section? I bought a couple of things, cupcake papers and pastry cutters, plus haberdashery - a girl can never have enough haberdashery.


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