Friday, November 17

Early sighting of a Mince Pie

Mince pies are not really my thing which is good as our house is overflowing with them.
My husband has ensured a continuous supply between now and Christmas by saying that mine are far superior than shop bought - well they are!
In a week or so I shall start to play with different toppings, which I shall post, frangipan, and macaroon spring to mind- he won't like that as he doesn't feel they need to be modified, but I have to experiment as my boredom threshold is low.

I put any left over pastry on my bird table, they love it.
It's not just birds who love it!

So windy this morning my hat blew off!

It is very invigorating to be near such power; it certainly wakes you up!


  1. I think that is the best pic of Harry I have ever seen! You have his full attention or should I say that mince pie has his full attention?

  2. Actually it's a piece of raw pastry he is focusing on, but you're right his attention span was being stretched to the limit.

  3. i adore mince pies...+ frangipan has to be a winner! your lucky husband, birds + harry who get to sample :)

    that sea looks rough...certainly good for blowing away any cobwebs! x

    p.s. i made my 2nd bara b today with earl grey + orange zest...oh my yum!!

  4. I'm glad you are getting the bara brith habit!

    Yesterday's batch of mincies I used mini leaf cutters - they did look very nice - but as I write this only 2 servive!

  5. I'm really going to miss your mince pies this year! They're always perfect.

  6. Hi Alison, glad you have fond memories of my mincies!


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