Wednesday, December 27


Christmas richness I crave "simple" food. What could be better than a boiled egg with toast?

I'm not one for detoxing, but I do try and listen to my body and right now it's shouting out for lots of fruit and vegetables and meals that satisfy and don't leave me sluggish and heavy afterwards....
In the photo you will see an old saucepan. It once belonged to Stella's Granny "Burpham" and I can never use it without thinking of her and the simple rural life she lead, the sort you now read about in Country Living and envy, but of course with no heating, no modern luxuries that we take for granted it was a very hard life; even in Summer the old flint cottage felt chilly and damp, but beautiful it was with vegetables growing in the front garden - just like something from the pages of a Beatrix Potter story book. I love the way memories can be triggered by something as ordinary was an old aluminum saucepan.


  1. You made me 'well up' with this post and got me thinking about my nan and the enchanting Burpham. I crave that simple life but I also remember her saying 'get me away from here Stella' so I guess none of us are ever totally satisfied with our lot. Bless her.

  2. Anonymous3:36 PM

    i think kitchens and their contents are great memory provokers as they are so often the heart of a home. finally discovered your flickr too - lovely photos ;)

  3. I have a number of things sitting in my kitchen that remind me of my Grandparents. It's lovely to still have them and use them every day although I can sometimes almost hear one of my Grandmas wondering why I'm still using 'that old thing'!
    You've totally got me craving boiled eggs and soldiers now. I agree that after all that rich food it is great to get back to something more simple. I had a stir fry last night with lots of vegetables and it was just what I needed.

  4. Louise - glad you have discovered my Flickr.
    I think you are right about the kitchen being the heart of the home regardless of any predilection towards cookery; it's where it all happens!
    Happy New Year Fiona!Bless all Grandparents everywhere!Although mine are all long gone I cherish everything I have from them.
    Homemade coleslaw tonight...the more I make from scratch the more I know I can't go back to buying ready made food.


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