Saturday, December 30

Plat du Jour

This is what my birds had for breakfast today. Apple, organic wholemeal bread, sultanas, bird seed, and dried meal worms.

Most of what I call my nice birds don't visit me anymore;no blackbirds, or "little" birds, it's all crows, magpies, seagulls and if I'm lucky starlings.....what am I doing wrong?
When we moved here just over a year ago we had the most delightful mixture of visitors, where they have gone I don't know.

However, there are some clues.......


  1. I would have thought it was more the larger birds that are scaring the nice birds away. My Mum has five cats in the garden, one house pet and four others that are partly stray and live in the summer house. However, she still gets a lovely variety of birds so it seems the cats don't put them off. I would have thought seagulls would put smaller birds off and even possibly the magpies. Mum does get magpies and usually shoos them away when they land on the table. I don't know if there's any way of discouraging them. The birds feast looks very good though. I would have thought it would encourage any bird.

  2. I am a human scare crow! I keep rushing out flapping my arms about! In the spring we are having a pergola and I think that may favour the little birds as it will give them a bit of cover...although we have 4 cats living next door only one of them is active in her pursuit of birds and mice - she tried to catch a crow the other day which made me chuckle that size was clearly no barrier to her aspirations!

  3. mmmmm...what a feast...the little birds don't know what they're missing :)

    (p.s. sending you warmest wishes for a very happy new year just around the corner! looking forward to gigibird 2007! xx)

  4. Santa left a pot of meal worms in each of the kids stockings this year! Is he mAD!?!? We've yet to use them as we had a big storm xmas eve and it broke our ricketty bird table! Hope your little ones come back...the smaller ones here like the hanging food..nets, tubes etc. Love the photo of the cat...x

  5. That picture is hilarious! In a sad sort of way....


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