Friday, December 15

Before I go forth

Waitrose this afternoon - as supermarkets go it's the best, a pleasure any other time of year, but come Christmas it's more like Tesco's on a Saturday morning sans badly behaved children. My husband who's sanguine by nature to the point of unconsciousness does suffer from trolley rage and suddenly does a Dr Phil and tells it like it is - I have to walk away, but apart from that I enjoy my trips to buy esoteric ingredients, and organic spelt, as well as Frosties and baked beans.

My lovely friend Louise (all my friends are lovely or they wouldn't be my friends) she who is currently living in New York sent me another wonderful parcel full of gorgeous craft supplies and inspirations for Christmas. I am so desperate to undo this roll I've taken a quick photo so you can see how it looks when it arrives - a roulade of felt!

Such beautiful colours


  1. Oh that felt looks fantastic. I so wish we could get colours like that over here don't you. I keep looking for a US supplier who will ship over here.
    Enjoy your trip to Waitrose. It's definitely more civilised than some of the others.

  2. Anonymous3:29 PM

    I do like the idea of a roulade of felt - I'd like to be in the middle of it! glad you like the colours ;)

  3. oh my wow! wonderful colour felt...what a lovely thing to be sent.

    i love the waitrose food mag + their food...i always get dr karg's organic spelt crackers when i'm there...yum! good luck in the supermarket sweep :)

  4. Hi Fiona
    Don't get me started on felt - it's one of my obsessions - if you want quality wool rich felt then you won't find it this side of the Atlantic.
    Louise-I think my head was probably still full of Nigella Lawson from last night why the roulade came to me; I agree I'd like to living inside a felt bundle:) Thank you again.

    Kelly hello. The colours are so gorgeous my mind has hardly been on anything else - colour excites me - well tasteful colour excites me!
    I have tried several times with Dr K's crackers but Harry and the birds have always had to finish them off as I associate hard biscuit type fare with dieting....
    The Waitrose magazine is beautiful, but whenever I've tried any of the recipes (cake and biscuits) disaster is never far away so I've kind of given up trying; but for inspiration it's wonderful - and free!


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