Monday, December 18

After a Slow Start

The funny thing about "celebration" cakes is that some people consider them difficult to make - they are a faff to make, but difficult no.
This year I have used Mary Berry's Christmas cake recipe sans the apricots (man of the house has taken against them) and although the proof is in the eating nothing has sunk, nothing is burnt and there isn't a dip in the middle; success!
Today I rustled up another two; 6 inch ones (don't know what that is in metric) which make marvelous gifts especially if you lay it on think how complicated they are to make;-)
The day before you want to bake soak your fruit in brandy. Here are all the ingredients bar the fruit - it's basically an all in one method - mix it together, then add the fruit.

Almost ready:
Mustn't forget their "hats"
Just out from the oven.

After playing in the kitchen for a few hours I needed a rest, so I made myself a cup of coffee, took the last mince pie (12 were made last night!) and wallowed in the cream tin gorgeousness of the Garden Trading catalogue which had been delivered this morning......if I hadn't already commited to living in the Brora catalogue I'd be inside this one.....yummy.


  1. Your cakes look scrummy, what lovely gifts to give. I am about to emabrk on MB's french madeleines as himself is having a Proustian moment.

    I love that catalogue too, and I must confess to paying, what seemed at the time, an extortionate price for the cream cat bowl last summer. In hindsight, I think it was a wise investment as I am sure M+P appreciate their water all the more for sipping it ( or sipping read slurping) from such a pretty vessel ;)

  2. Anonymous5:07 PM

    oops - that was me signed in as rustersmob just to confuse you!

  3. I was confussed but I knew your folks didn't have any pussy cats!

    I make her madeleines, sooo much butter... although my last batch were a little flat:-(

    Cats do appreciate the finer things in life - Mimi would only drink Evian or Volvic - like her mummy; and since Stella bought fine china for her feline he drinks more.

  4. Cakes look delicious despite the fact that I don't really like Christmas cake.
    I've just had a look Garden Trading's website. Gosh they've got some lovely things haven't they? Fingers crossed for a good Christmas bonus so I can do a bit of New Year spending!

  5. Garden Trading is new to me. It makes sense (girl sense) to spend over £50 to get free p&p! I have bonded with the vegetable storage and hooks, although I'm not sure I have room for either.....

    I too am not a fan of Christmas cake but I prefer homemade to bought - mass produced cakes aren't good even from M&S or Waitrose....too sugary and not enough love:)

  6. Lovely cakes, I feel hungry now! Happy Christmas & New Year! Louise x

  7. if they're mary b's they've got to be good...i need no more convincing :)

    how lovely to make + bake for friends...they'll be so pleased. a well desrved rest for you + how nice to spend time with coffee + catalogues. do they have a sale in jan? x


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