Tuesday, December 5

I Almost Have Flickr

Not sure about the right terminology, but today I "opened" a Flickr account.
There is a link to the right of this for you to click on, but as yet I have not discovered how to get the pictures on my blog....you know where you put your mouse over them and they pop up. If anyone can help me with what I have to do I shall be very grateful to hear from you:)
So in the meantime.

Here be Delia Smiths Mincemeat Slices - yummy, easy, did I mention they are yummy?


  1. I also signed up to Flickr a few weeks ago but haven't got round to figuring out how to add any images. If I do, and if I work out how to connect them to my blog I'll let you know.

  2. Hi Nonnie,
    Thank you for offering to help with Flickr - I have noticed quite a few bloggers just do what I've done and add a link, but it would be so much better to have the photos on the side of the page.

  3. i still haven't got around to adding my flickr account link...i'm going to be lazy + wait for you to find out how to do it!!

    mincemeat yumminess...so christmassy! they look delish :)

  4. you minx!

    I am always happy to pass on computer tips - I'm laughing out loud now as the only tip I have is find yourself computer geek!


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