Sunday, December 10

One Head Many Hats

I long for a time when I can just do what I want when I want to do it; sadly I don't think I shall ever be able to reach my Nirvana, so in the meantime I multi task - I think that's what it's refered too.........................
I would like to be playing with my felt and sorting out new colour combinations, but the one and only (small and temporary) table has a linen cupboard door drying on it - top coat oil eggshell in F&B Pointing

Paint drying! - believe me when I say if it's your own it's quite exciting.

I have torn myself away from painting which once started becomes quite addictive, (there is another door drying outside) and now move into the kitchen where I am rustling up a roast dinner

I know I have been a bit(!) heavy handed with the butter, but nothing worse than a dry bird.

By the end of the day I should have another corsage finished, just leaves to cut, machine embellish then hand sew....welcome to the Rustington sweat shop.

I experimented with blanket stitch around the flower petals,but it did take a long time to do, so I have started machine stitching around instead... will see which variation looks best when all finished.


  1. looks like you're multi-tasking big time! when are they going to give us another hour in the day anyway? i desperately need one to actually write my blog :)

    nice f+B! i bet the roast din was scrummy...i have let my hubby down today + only cooked a fry up...he's had to survive on biscuits + tea for the rest of the day! i've just eaten a huge piece of stollen...not a good idea at nearly 10pm but it's been one of those days.

    corsages looking lovely! x

    p.s. promise i will email soon!

  2. Poor lamb - only a fry up and tea and biscuits? I'm sure he'll survive!
    Life should always come before blogging otherwise we'd have nothing to write about!

    Hope the stollen brought a nice sugary hit.

  3. Anonymous1:13 PM

    I know it's labour intensive - but I like the hand stitched flower best. ;)

  4. I knew you would - so do I, but my little cripple fingers don't!

  5. I love the hand stitched flowers too, don't worry I bet Hope could sew a few for you;)(if you ask nicely)

  6. Thank you - I'm always nice to Hope!


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