Friday, December 22


I haven't got it I shall have to do without it.
Waitrose was "rammo" this afternoon. I think we queued for almost 40 minutes to pay, but it was all jolly and ordered with Quality Street offered to the queuing shoppers.
My kitchen is looking like a corner shop, overflow vegetables are in the eve's cupboard - I wanted somewhere cold and dark.....
On our way home we stopped off at a chemist to buy 30 Syndol - just in case one of us gets a head ache.
Having tasted adventure on Tuesday Stella and I are out tomorrow this time visiting an aged aunt in a Nursing Home - don't knock it; the dragon has been awoken, his breath may envelop us and we could end up anywhere....
Yet another batch of mince pies ready for the oven.


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  2. love the mince-pie flower tops, very FH! I do love my pastry cutters; we should do a 'tools of the trade' post with all our favourite pieces of kitchen and craft equipment, as long as I can include gardening tools too!

  3. Spooky or what - as I as using my Talia dry measure today I thought I should blog my essential kitchen equipment....shall we do it in Jan?

  4. abso-hoobo-lutley!


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