Wednesday, December 20

NCSI - Portsmouth starring, Ben, Cat, Tony and Captain Jack

The more I think about it Stella and I could have stumbled on to the set of Torchwood yesterday, but no, we visited my brother at Southwick House/HMS Dryad.
All in all it was rather a surreal day from the moment we set off from the fog which enveloped Portsdown to what met us when Tony ( my brother) gave us a tour of the site.

Yes, this is a body - not a real one, and yes his trousers are undone! Ben (CSI instructor) met us outside a purpose built house that is used when teaching people in all three services about crime scene investigation. There followed a brief talk about what they do and in each room there were other crimes set up.The best was kept to last, a suicide in the loft but sadly due to my decrepitude it was up to Stella to follow Ben up the ladder and examine the scene, suicide note and all - "I'm sorry, I forgot"
This is my brother trying to get Stella and Ben out of the loft as time was pressing - Stella and I could have stayed there for hours....
We then met the delightful Cat who showed us around a virtual Police station with interview rooms and "sets" of typical scenarios the investigators, once trained, are likely to see on a regular basis - a bar(!) inside a typical home of someone in the forces etc.
Then into the mess for a spot of lunch,Tony had surpassed himself lining up a lunch companion in the form of his friend the blonde Adonis Jack. He's not a Captain, he's a Lieutenant Commander, but Captain Jack suited him better.
After lunch we were deposited in the room where the D Day landings were planned. The original map that Churchill and Eisenhower used is still there.

Apologies for the poor quality - there is a screen in front of it which was bouncing light off in all directions.....

Look! Littlehampton gets a mention.
It was such a hoot and so interesting , and so kind of Tony to go to so much effort for us.
No prizes for composition..... Stella and Tony


  1. Looks a bit gruesome but very interesting.

  2. what an adventure! all sounds v interesting + something just a bit out of the norm for crafty ladies :)

    your bro looks so smart in his nice of him to arrange a day like that for you. x

  3. Stella and I have become overnight converts to adventure and are planning more expiditions next year.
    It was kind of him to go to all that effort.
    Lots of famale eye candy walking about!

  4. how fab that the original map used by Churchill is still there, what a piece of history. Shame it can't talk - I wonder what conversations it has heard!


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