Tuesday, December 12

A Successful Day

Stella and I confronted Christmas shopping head on today, but as we take the approach of little and often it wasn't too bad.

I found what I was looking for in C&H Fabrics (wadding - and thank you again Kelly for helping me with finding what I looking for) and threads, but while I was queuing up to pay discovered linen thread......

Stella handed over some finished Florence Hope pieces ready for me to photograph, but the light is hopeless now. However, I had a bit of fun taking a few snaps with a naughty little Florence Hope bear who kept trying to get in all the pictures.
Look he's trying to sneak off with a mini needle case!

A selection of what's coming soon to Etsy.


  1. Anonymous8:22 PM

    oooo aaagh - lots of goodies. love the bear, hope Harry isn't jealous?

  2. Harry would eat the bear if he could, he has a thing for stuffed toys.....

  3. He's a very cute little bear. Your new things look very nice too.

  4. Hi Fiona,

    I wasn't even going to photograph the bear, but by the response he's generating I'm glad I did - he has a big brother and sister, so they may join him soon:)
    Glad you like the new things - they will look even better should we ever get some sunshine so I can take better pictures.

  5. wow lynn...f+h have been busy bees! so many goodies!

    love that spotty fabric. are you all set to make now you've got wadding etc? be sure to report back with the finished article :)

    enjoying my day at home. would you believe i have prepared ingredients for a bara b to bake tonight?! sorry to constantly mention it but i'm so glad you introduced me to mary berry!!

    that's one cute bear...i think you should do an f+h photo story of him + his siblings! x

  6. I could do a post with FH bear making a bara brith!
    I'm glad your day at home was productive.
    Wadding is waiting for me to work out a pattern and have a bash at making a cafetiere cover/cosy. In my mind I have it all worked out....


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