Sunday, February 25

And the winner is.....

I'm not sure if I have mentioned I collect old cookery books? It started with my Ganny's Radiation Cook Book; well actually I still don't posses that actual book yet as my mother won't give it up.. I used to love reading the old recipes and ask my mother what Granny made; not that she ever told me.
Now it's trendy of course to say you like traditional slow cooked food -but it's always been there.
So in celebration of things past I want to share with you this little gem, Marshmallow Rice Pudding.

When you buy pudding rice there is always a recipe for rice pudding on the back - just follow that, but usually it is 2 oz of rice to 1oz of sugar and 1 pint of milk. I use an old Pyrex dish that holds about a pint and a half of liquid. If you aren't sure just measure out a pint of water and pour it in and if there is plenty of room that will be fine.Butter the dish well. The oven should be about 140 - 150oc

When most of the milk has been absorbed decorate the top of the pudding with marshmallows increasing the temperature to 180oc and return to the oven for about 10 minutes or until the marshmallows have melted and started to brown slightly. The smell as it comes out of the oven is worth the wait - the original recipe suggests serving with thick cream, but I just had mine with a little milk poured around the edge.

The real secret to rice pudding is the slow cooking; the longer the better.It's a good combination when baking a Bara Brith as the oven temps are the same.....

The quality of the photographs aint good - sorry. Light bad. I am looking into getting some lighting to improve things.....


  1. Lusia1:22 PM

    Thanks for sharing the rice pudding recipe, I love marshmallows, so will have to try this one, looks delicious!

  2. That looks so yummy! I've never made a rice pudding myself. Perhaps I should give it a try! Thank you so much for sharing the recipe!

    Speaking of English fare... my hubby made Yorkshire Pudding last night (he does a much better job of it than I). I've heard you can slice them open while they're hot and fill with marmalades then serve with powdered sugar and cream. Have you ever tried it that way, or is that an American concoction I wonder?

  3. When I was growing up and my mother made Yorkshire puddings we sometimes had them with Golden Syrup which was lovely - but I've never had them with any other sweet toppings - but they do lend themselves to sugary possibilities.

  4. Anonymous4:57 PM

    Again I believe this ia a wheat free recipe and yet still my belly is rumbling. The Neighbour!

  5. I've got the message..... but I thought you didn't have much of a sweet tooth?

  6. Thank you, Gigibird! We have Golden Syrup in our shop. We ought to give it a try! Hubby has been on a roll with the Yorkshire Pudding lately - he makes them almost every day. Speaking of Golden Syrup reminds me of Treacle and treacle tarts! yum

    Nothing else to say.
    Tracy xx

  8. I have to say i also make a rather fine rice pudding, it has to be the ultimate in comfort food, and the whole house smells lovely whislt it is baking, i will give the marshmallow thing a go and because i am a total piglet a dollop of vanilla ice-cream, well marshmallows are virtually fat free!!!.x

  9. Oh wow! Sounds fantastic. I've never made rice pudding before but I think I'll have to give this a try. I used to really dislike it as I only had the horrible school dinner variety as an example but since I have tried a proper one I love it.

  10. pure comfort food + i love your twist on tradition with the marshmallows! x


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