Sunday, February 25

Shepherd's Pie with real Shepherds

I've had a very enjoyable morning of domestic merriment; creating a Shepherd's pie and a very special rice pudding.......more about that later.

We've all made shepherd's pie so I won't bore you with my recipe which has evolved over many years tinkering.....but I will share with you 2 things I do which makes mine special, I add mint sauce to the minced lamb and leeks to the potato topping.

Between peeling, mashing and stirring I even found time to titivate my kitchen dresser - it came with the house. Nice isn't it?

I think I shall keep my marshmallow topped rice pudding for another post as I think it deserves to be centre stage.


  1. Anonymous5:08 PM

    I think it would have looked nicer in my conservatory - The Neighbour.

  2. Anonymous5:08 PM

    Is rice pudding wheat free? I think it is!! The neighbour X

  3. We LOVE shepherd's pie, but I confess I do use a mix (Colman's) for the spices. I should try it with lamb someday rather than beef. I know some people here cringe at the thought of eating lamb, but I do enjoy it.

  4. marshmallows and rice pudding - do not be mean to us - share this pud with us REALLY soon!!!
    Tracy x

  5. Shepherds pie and rice pudding. Ultimate comfort foods! Love the sound of mint in the shepherds pie. And the leeks too. I'll definitely have to try that. Can't wait for the rice pudding recipe. Sounds amazing.

  6. Strictly speaking if you use beef it's a Cottage pie. Lamb is a wonderful meat; it is fatty but you can get around that by removing the fat from the top after cooking.

    I am glad you are enjoying my comfort food cook-a-thon.

  7. I thought you made it with beef? I love leeks with mashed potatos though. And a tablespoon of honey and dijon mustard never goes amiss either.
    I'm going now to get the makings for rice pudding.


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