Saturday, February 17

Time for Change

I am in two minds - whether to delete everything and stop blogging, or just do a HUGE cull. I'm not sure.
If I continue to blog I have promised myself I shall be honest; this whole networking element that seems to be at the heart of blogworld just doesn't sit well with me.I hate it.
I'm not one of world's diplomats and to be perfectly honest I find it very difficult to be so superficial the whole bloody time. My life is pretty dull most of the time, mundane and right now I am in a dark place and this blog will reflect that so I shall understand if you are are looking for a light hearted read this might not be the blog for you.


  1. I hope everything is well, Gigibird! I so enjoy reading your posts (my goodness, you collect Cornish Blue - something I could only dream of doing! ... and you sell your pretties on etsy, so you are a fellow etsian)! I must admit I only started to blog in January, after an entire year of wondering whether to even start. I've met many ladies with similar interests, you included, and since I am home most of the day with children, blogging has become my chance to chat with adults! =) hugs to you!

  2. I'm not sure what you mean by networking. I don't think of my blog as a place to network. If I did I wouldn't put my tits, tongue, kids, dislikes, etc on it. And what fun would that be. Don't try to present yourself as anything just share your enthusiasims. We all have dark days. Some of us more than others, I know.

  3. I have dark days, probably 5 a week, although i know i should't, i am human, i am also told and i would like to pass this on to you, do not beat yourself up, life is very hard at times, beleive me i know, i have experienced i think the worst human emotion possible and i am hanging in, i have to, if it is any consolation, i really enjoy your blogs, and you take lovely fresh images, i would like very much that you keep it up.... and yes i have read some absolute crap on one or two blogs, some of it makes me cringe, but it is out there, everywhere, SOME PEOPLE ! dont't give up..........x

  4. I think your blog is lovely, this is the first time I have commented. Maybe just take a break, I kick myself for deleting my first blog:(

  5. I will be disappointed if you stop blogging but understand you are feeling a bit glum at present:( How about just continuing posting your photos, they are always so beautiful to look at:)

  6. My sad face has turned into a colon and open brackets - why?

  7. Hey, it's late - just created this blog to surf around for some inspiration - you gotta find it somewhere! You came up next blog link. Keep your journal real and go with the flow. Try dealing with a bad review, not that I ever gotten any ;) Hang in there. Larry.

  8. I think you can blog any way you want, it's your diary and why can't you write in a way that reflects your mood, unless you prefer to keep your thoughts private. That said I enjoy reading your posts and hope you reach a way forward that sits well with you

  9. I really like reading your blog and especially love the pictures you show us. I'm sorry that you're going through a down time at the moment but I really think it would be a shame if you either deleted or culled what you have created so far. If you feel you need to write in a different way then you should. Personally, I like the fact that blogs are so varied. I read some that are very light hearted and some that are not at all and I enjoy that variety. Your blog is always one of the first I visit and I would miss it if you decide to give up. I think you should give yourself a little break and see how you feel about it in a week or two.

  10. Hey you - do whatever you feel you need to, if you want to stay away for a while then do it, if it helps to write down all your unhappy days thoughts then do it - nobody has a right to judge you for it xx
    I for one love your blog and like Nonnie said you are top on my list each time i have a moment to look at blogs, so you would be missed.
    I felt really uncomfortable with adding my website as a link to my blog, i did not want folks to feel that i only posted in order to pressure them to view items i had for sale.
    We are all strangers to each other but all take the time to see what each other are doing and i think that is lovely - please think hard before you delete anything - we would all miss you x
    Take care of yourself sweetie
    Tracy x

  11. I do know what you mean . . .I do . .I do.

    Sometimes when I read a blog entry with 200 comments that basically all say "that's a lovely cushion" I think that people haven't learnt to have a conversation.

    But I also realise that that reaction is because I have no tolerance for foolish twitter in real life either.

    But you can do whatever you like with your blog. You may not get the numbers of comments but who really cares about that?

    My blog is basically about the business in a very loose way - I keep my kids, cooking, shopping, personal life largely out of it.

    I do it for myself - I find it a great discipline, helps to keep me writing and I am pretty honest in it. The stats suggest that there are a ridiculous amount of readers but most continue to lurk, which actually suits me just fine if they haven't anything to add to the conversation (see - VERY intolerent in real life)

    I must say that I find your blog interesting - I think that you have honest things to say and your comments on other sites are always incicive and not an anodyne love fest.

    I would not have found your work apart from blogging - and I am a fan. I don't say that lightly.

    I should have probably put this in a private e-mail.

  12. dear l,

    reading this post has made me feel sad + also bad. you see i love visiting...i admit that i'm a lousy commenter...not always spontaneous to write something...thinking "i'll drop back later to write something witty"!

    you've been a very big part of my blogging experience. i'm not sure how we started communicating but it truly makes me happy to read your posts + to hear from you. you've encouraged me with my creative stuff...loved my cat...given me the cake recipe of 2006 + really made me laugh many's a time.

    i'm off to write you an email now before i start waffling...but please don't stop gigibird. keep on being yourself. sending hugs + virtual cakes. xxx

  13. Gigibird, thank you for posting on my blog. I needed the information about felting!
    As for your blog, it's lovely. You may feel like I do at times that I "need" to put something down everyday, but what I realize is that I just need to post or say things when they hit me. Not everyday or be so overly consumed with blogging that I let the rest of my life slide. It's just an outlet for creativity that not only inspires ones self but also others. You, dear Gigibird, are inspirational.


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