Thursday, February 15

At Last

Finally I have updated the Etsy shop and plan to add Florence Hope originals on a regular basis.

It's like all things you put off, once you have done them you wonder why you had the mental block!

The sun is shinning and after writing this I shall put my feet up with a superior cup of coffee and some of last night' left over desert - a invention of my own which is easy, simple and wonderful!

Stella donated some superfluous lemon curd, so she did the fussy part really - I whipped cream and folded the lemon curd into it, then I added my crumb topping, which is simply bread crumbs, butter and sugar toasted in a frying pan - honestly it is sublime and so versatile.... and dangerous as it is quite delicious eaten by the spoonful from the pan:(


  1. That looks delicious! We sell oodles of curds at the shop, but I've honestly never used it myself. I just may have to now!

    I am off to check out your esty site!

    (Oh yes, hubby DID give me flowers yesterday - a real surprise and a welcome treat!)

  2. I love all your bits of pottery, and I like the look of Stella's new car as well! Your Etsy stuff looks great.

  3. Hi, just to say the little arts and crafts flowers you use on your sewing cases are lovely, really inspirational and also beautifully put together, you have a good eye, putting different fabrics together, good use of colour and texture, well done, a rare talant these days i feel!.............x

  4. Welcome English Vintage and thank you for your lovely comments. Stella and I really do take so much time putting all the elements together so it's especially nice that you noticed and find our work inspirational:)
    Hello Louise, I'm glad I wasn't the only one to receive have a play with your curds, I think there's not much to beat lemon curd.
    Dear Caroline, I'm so pleased you've had time to have a look at Etsy. As regards to my pottery, you ain't seen nothing yet! Stella's car is like a beautifl ladybird, black and red; I can't wait for her to take me for a spin:)

  5. That pud looks delicious. I love anything with lemon in. I seem to remember that a friend of mine once made a really simple lemon icecream by basically doing what you have done with the lemon curd and cream, then freezing it. It worked really well.
    The new Etsy stuff looks great, I'll go and have a proper look.

  6. I have that very same sweet green bunny xx
    Just wish i had the same pud!!!
    Off to take a look at all your goodies. Have a great weekend
    Tracy x


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