Tuesday, March 27

I Have

just eaten this.

It was very nice.
I have strong views on avocados. Most people never get to eat them when they are ripe and consequently don't like them. I buy 'perfectly' ripe ones, which are naturally much more expensive then the other, hard as a built type most people buy and have knocking about the kitchen for weeks on end.
I am now worrying if it will be bad feng shui to have water pipes running through my house under my floorboards - too late now as it's all happening on Thursday. I am aware water gives off some kind of energy I'm just not sure if it's good or bad.
I wonder who else is worrying about the layout of their pipes?


  1. I LOVE avocados - they are a much forgotten yummy treat - you are right, most folk try to eat them when they are not ripe. I love mine with a bowl of lemon, garlic and chilli pasta - yum!
    Tracy x

  2. Mmmm, that looks really good Lynn.We had an advocado in a salad yesterday and it was disappointing due to it's unripeness! My favourite way of eating then is cut in half with balsamic vinegar poured into the hole in the middle.

  3. Hi Tracy, hi Alison,
    I'm glad you enjoy this much abused 'fruit' as much as me.


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