Tuesday, March 20

Vegetable Challenge

While visiting an aged aunt last week she showed me a cookery book dating from 1768. What I found so delightful was how so much of it was familiar - at the back there were menus for each month

The organic box is back on - apparently they are making an exception for me and will deliver.
As there will be an element of surprise each week regarding what vegetables I receive I have an excuse to go through all my cookery books for inspiration.


  1. Wow! What a special cookbook! It is really amazing to see that homemakers hundreds of years ago still tried to set weekly menus just as we do today.

    I hope you tell of your weekly organic vegetable deliveries!

  2. Hi, long time no speak so to speak, just thought you would be interested in a book i bought whist on my trip to Suffolk, it is a fat free vegetarian cook book by Anne Sheasby, it of course is nothing like your little recipe menu book, but it has some scrummy stuff in it. I am on the "D" word at the moment, i need to loose 2 stone, i am hoping to be able to do with vegetables and dry white wine! take care.......... Stephne

  3. hello my friend! hope you're well + of course harry too : )

    i didn't look properly 1st time round + decided i'd take the beef with greens + a florentine for afters from your cookbook (didn't fancy the slick'd tongue of chicken!)...then i realised that's just the 1st course + maybe it's not the sort of choc florentine i was imagining?!!

    what a book though...totally inspiring + so beautifully scripted. i think you have a cookery book in you...will you write one someday? i volunteer for any recipe testing!

    the veggie box is a great idea. is it expensive? please give us the update on the contents : ) are you growing anything this year in the gigibird garden? would you like some seeds? i have a harvest from my 1st go last year + would be delighted to send you some to pot on your windowsill! xxx


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