Saturday, March 31

I Knew It!

My veggie box arrived yesterday morning – sans the eggs and apple juice – bless the delivery woman she raised her eyebrows in a very knowing way and said she would return later with the missing items.
Yes I was right in predicting there would be strange things a lurking in the box…………

It’s Kohlrabi. I’ve been on the netty and now know the Germans eat a lot of it – and looking at the Teutonic race, it hasn’t done them any harm. I plan to prepare a gratin type dish so my husband will be distracted by the creamy, cheesy presentation to worry too much about the actual vegetable.
I have a huge bag of weird salad leaves which will be harder to disguise as Nigel doesn’t like a dressed salad – but I’m probably going to again serve them with a dazzling calorie rich something and hope he won’t notice.

The beetroot will be eaten by moi and my neighbour Sam who has confessed a passion for the red beauty – even proffered a recipe suggestion – steady now, that’s my department:)


  1. Oh what a delightful box of edible treasures! I have seen kohlrabi before, but I don't think I've ever tried it. I think if I were to received that yummy parcel, I'd set to work on a light spring soup, and perhaps a little tempura!

  2. I don't think I've ever had kohlrabi before. We're pretty bad with trying new vegetables. Although, fresh veggies are the best!


  3. Lynn - it sound like your hubby is a bit like my daughters - vegetables have to be smuggled in disguised as "bits in cheese sauce"
    Good luck

  4. One of the resons I wanted to have a box is because I knew it would take me away from the vegetable comfort zone.
    We had some of the mystery salad leaves for lunch and they were lovely.
    I have cooked the beetroot, so tomorrow I will experiment with them.
    The cheese is ready to cover the kohlrabi! -

  5. oh, yum! Cheese over kohlrabi sounds delightful. I've cut it up and put it in a veggie stirfry that I serve over spaghetti noodles. I'm one of the few in my family that will try any veggie there is. I love them all and love trying new dishes.

  6. How did the Kohlrabi go down?


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