Tuesday, April 24

Deep Breath

Money – where does it go too?
This morning I awaited a visit from Trevor. Harry was despatched to the ‘conservatory’ to ponder the meaning of life while I supervised the measuring for carpet and vinyl (bathroom)
As you all know I like to try and support small businesses and shop locally so my choice of flooring was subject to what Dean Carpets had - the sad thing is it is very difficult to make an environmentally sound choice when buying flooring.
I possess the Crucial Trading brochure – I had dreams of sisal and linoleum but there is a problem – I am not married to a millionaire.
There is an old saying ‘cut your coat according to your cloth’ which although old fashioned is very sound advice.

This will be my carpet – its 80% wool and I hope the colour is dark enough not to show too much dog detritus but light enough to open up the rooms.
I threw caution to the wind with my choice of vinyl for our bijou bathroom – it reminds me of the bottom of our fish pond. I know it’s not subtle but I’m hoping it will be an injection of colour to an otherwise neutral room.

I might start a trend for gay flooring:)
Subject to a catastrophic accident involving a major spill of dog or blood or something awful the carpet will be down for years, and so will the vinyl.


  1. In our last house (when we seemed to have more money) we had marmoleum floors in the kitchen, bathroom and kids room and it was fantastic.
    Here we have painted woodchip floors (we tore up cat stained carpets)and a marmoleum sample that I have propped in the bathroom.
    I like the idea of shopping, but then when the costs begin to mount up I panic.

  2. I like your choice. Sisal itches so and precludes any funny business going on (carpet burns are bad enough) They are sensible,serviceable colours, they'll be good to clean & I like the fish tank look (I have a blue flooring in my bathroom, too)

    I meant, you get carpet burns when you scoot across the floor to catch something that is falling because the cat has knocked it off. What did you think I meant?

  3. My mind is like a sewer so I did wonder how you were getting your carpet burns! I’m so glad that are cat related;-)

  4. Hi, just sent you an e-mail, but thought to check your blog this a.m, love the carpet, i had a quote for seagrass (the original stuff not a fancy shmancy weave) the living room in my new pad is 20' x 19' the quote inc. u/lay and fitting £1300, so i found an 80%/20% woven carpet all in £750 and as much as i love seagrass, the guilt would not be good for my well-being, my days of either having spare dosh and or wanting just to waste it are well and truely over, well done for supporting your locals, you are a good woman X

  5. good choices mrs!

    the cut your coat is a mantra i should use more often...thanks for reminding me : )

    that new rubber duckie will look very much at home with the quirky flooring! x

  6. Anonymous8:26 PM

    You have done his to make me look bad, haven't you? So what if I've been here for 3 years and still have floorboards? Despite very expensive 100% wool carpets being left they were the colour of poo!! STOP - STOP with your carpeting or I will be forced to move in. You don't want a cat with a snotty nose and wee issues do you? OH not now you've got fancy carpets I bet!!
    Love The Neighbour

  7. Ha your neighbour obviously bought a house from the same people we did.
    At least she has floorboards.


  8. I think with animals there is always an element of dought about having carpets.There is a lot of drool in this house so whatever I have it won't look nice for long:(
    That's why I wanted the floorboards sanded and waxed..........

  9. Good choice, I think. I've just been incredibly lucky locally with a piece of carpet for our bathroom (I know no-one is supposed to have carpet in their bathroom today, but I have a hubby who wants nothing else!). I went to the local carpet shop and they had a piece which had been laid in someone else's bathroom but they found a rogue thread woven in right in the middle so there it was in the shop, having been taken up again. As our bathroom needs only 6' x 6' of carpet they were able to miss the rogue thread, and for £25 I have a carpet which will look just right ... when I've laid it!!


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