Wednesday, April 18

Thelma and Louise go shopping for a bathroom suite

As road trips go we didn’t get far, neither did one of us get to sleep with Brad Pitt but we still had a great time:)
Today Stella arrived in a Mimi with a viper stripe. I actually quite liked it – very comfortable seats, but that’s enough car talk –( I preferred it to the VW Beetle)
First stop Reflections bathroom showroom where roughly this time last year I bought my bathroom suite. For aesthetes like Stella and I detail and form are everything so even in a showroom full of white bathroom suites it wasn’t easy finding something that didn’t upset our sensitive artistic natures. Stella ended up with the same one as me. It was the best mid price choice – and she chose the same taps – We even managed to negotiate a very decent discount – and if that wasn’t enough we were each given a rubber duck:)

We left on a high and headed for the Gribble Inn – a Mecca for real ale enthusiasts, not that we fancied a pint, but a cup of coffee. We sat at table 13 where Stella was able to predict with great accuracy that the toilets were the other side of the doorway:( she wasn’t the only person there with a hound’s nose – Sparkle the pub basset hound joined us until we had eaten our complimentary biscuit – freshly rolled in what I suspect was cow dung, the dog not the biscuits.
We left there and made our way to Brewers and picked up 15 litres of Farrow and Ball – light stone under dado and Matchstick above.
We returned to Stella’s and had lunch in the conservatory so Tennyson the cat could sit in the garden and pee in Stella’s gravel – which I found very amusing.
We discussed what made people happy and decided that being able to go and buy a bathroom suite, be able to afford it and spending time with friends was very pleasurable indeed.

D Day for fennel - wish me luck


  1. Good luck!
    The man on Market Kitchen today/yesterday served fennel cold with watercress & blood oranges, which looked lovely. He also put it into iced water for a while to crisp up... please let us know how it goes & I hope you like it!

  2. nice to see a mention of's been a while! sounds like you 2 had fun. like you say...happy is being with a true friend. glad you enjoyed your day + duckie : )

  3. Anonymous8:18 PM

    You did rob a corner shop though - so it was a bit like the film!
    The Neighbour.

  4. Hope the fennel was a success. Looking forward to hearing the reactions to it!

  5. The fennel did not go down well:(
    I blame myself as I undercooked it so even I was picking it out.
    Harry has his eye on the rubber duck and he keeps trying to get into the bathroom to kill it!

  6. What a fun post! I don't get out with the girls much since having kids, so my dates are usually ones with my hubby and kids -- but we did just return from a little NYC trip where the food was YUMMY (especially since I didn't need to cook it)! Can't wait to see what you do with that fennel!

  7. Oops - just saw your comment re the fennel. =(

  8. Hi ya how is it going?, i was thinking about you the other day, and about your fennel, there is what looks like a yummy recipe in this months country living, if you give it a try let me know how it turns out, i have packed most of my cooking crocks away as i am about to move house, take care stephne x


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