Monday, April 16

Room for More

Nigel and I share a love of books – our rather bijou home is bursting at the seams with them so it is rather dangerous to ‘pop’ into anywhere that sells them. However if a husband is going to have a vice I’d rather it be book based than any other!
On Saturday we made the mistake of popping into a local charity shop for a quick look (that’s a thrift shop for readers across the pond)
I made a b line to the cookery books where I found a Patrick Holford recipe book and a whole food cookbook by Gail Duff which is an absolute delight; and then my eyes fell upon a set of ‘Our Beautiful Homeland’ – I bought the remaining 5 copies at £2.00 each. As I thought about whether I should or shouldn't’t I remembered how much the average home interior magazine costs – Sadly the one that would cover my part of the world had already gone, but I have east and west of me.

They are quite magical – every facet is beautiful – the art, the covers, the old fashioned, very dated descriptions of towns and villages - all this for £2 per book! We spent £18 in total and brought home 10 books. Both with big grins on our faces

All five volumes are scattered with beautiful paintings by E.W. Haslehurst

Trendy Old Hastings


  1. oh wow! what a find! real life treasures + so much better than a magzine these days. no wonder you were a couple of smilers : ) we too are book lovers...we have so many we've run out of bookshelf space + they sit in piles around the house.

    are you going to search out your copy to add to the set? maybe ebay? i'll keep an eye out for you! xxx

  2. What a wonderful find giving you both hours of pleasure no doubt.

  3. It is always such a great feeling to come home with a huge stash of books - we also have the large amount of books in a smallish cottage problem!
    I go through them all often and try to give some away but i just fail everytime!
    It is one of the reasons for the big move - lots of space for all our books and the ones we have yet to find - it makes Stephen and i smile just thinking about it x
    Love the image of Hastings - that is only 25 mins from us.
    Tracy x

  4. Well done! They look gorgeous & so much better for you than two panini and lattes that the nice Mr Starbucks would sell you for a similar price!

  5. What beautiful books you have found! I am sure you will be enjoying them for ages, those pictures are so beautiful! We are all avid book readers and collectors at my home. My hubby's favorite cookbook is "The Crank's Recipe Book" which he and his mother bought while in London in the 70's when they ate at the restaurant. He was just a child when they bought the book, but he has managed to keep the book looking almost like new! =)


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