Saturday, April 7

Spring has Sprung

Spring flowers are so uplifting aren't they?

Spanish)bluebells from my garden


  1. Is that blackthorn? Do you get sloes? We have a lot of hawthorn but I was thinking of putting in some blackthorn along with hawthorn and roses to line the lower field.

    I have asked for an extension to our deer fence for my birthday so it will finally be feasible to plant there.

    This whole week has been very uplifting

  2. To be honest I don't know what it is - I thought it was May Blossom - is that Blackthorn? I will investigate:)
    I have made sloe gin in the past, but as I'm the only one who drinks it down here I don't bother for myself - I should really.
    It's funny how our priorities change as we get older - could you imagine giving a 20 something a fence for their Birthday??

  3. Euan has always given me very practical presents, he knows me very well - the wellies I got for Christmas a year ago were the best present ever.
    I wonder if it has something to do with having been a teen romance. We have been together so long that we probably count as an old married couple.
    I got a rabbit trap one year - I probably was a twenty something - but a bunny infested twenty something.

    I get the fripperies out of the blue when he happens to be passing a shop.


  4. how i love the scent of bluebells...i completely agree with the uplifting feeling spring + it's flowers bring.

    sunshine too at the doesn't get any better does it?! x


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