Tuesday, April 3

Kohlrabi - the results are in

Some of you have asked me about what I did with the Kohlrabi and so I thought I would report back to say my first experiment went down a storm with the men in the house.

I found a website that was linked to a veggie box scheme and it said start simple Рwhat good sensible advice (and not just for strange vegetables!) so I saut̩ed it in butter, then finished it off in the oven just layered in a gratin dish.

I offered it up as a potato substitute with sirloin steak and my husband loved it.
I knew I was on a bit of a winner when I started to prepare it as it smelt ‘turnipy’
and both being of peasant stock we love a root vegetable:)


  1. Glad it went down well, it looks rather yummy. Will have to ask at our organic veggie shack whether they can get me some to try!

  2. I order what I want to be in my box each week - and inspired by your box have ordered a kohlrabiwhich should arrive tomorrow(it must be in season and plentiful as it was £1).
    I often cook those small purple turnips boiled in cream/milk and then baked in the oven with a cheesy crust (fabulous with proper cooked ham) and had thought of doing a similar thing with the kohnrabi but maybe I should just keep it simple.
    The steak would of course help!

  3. It actually looks quite yummy! Reminds me of baked parsnips. The neighboring town of Eastham grows much sought-after turnips. I never liked turnips until I tried one of these mammoth local varieties. Turns out it was very tasty! Organic, I confess, really DOES taste better.

  4. Cool! I might try one, then (but only might... I'm cautious about 'strange looking food'!)

  5. When I try out new veggies on my family I usually end up eating it all myself...shame!


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