Wednesday, May 23

In praise of Cauliflower

So the cauliflower is so out of fashion. On the front page of the Daily Telegraph this morning I read Robert Mongomery the biggest cauliflower farmer in Kent is no longer going to grow the vegetable as it is no longer viable.
It seems the silly women of this Isle can’t cope with a whole head of cauliflower turning to ‘easy’ veg and ready meals.

Do any of you remember watching Call My Bluff when Arthur Marshall was a regular guest? Some trivia here but his favourite meal was cauliflower cheese with prawns – try it its wonderful.

Topping a fish pie with cauliflower instead of the usual potatoes is a lovely change; the variations of cauliflower cheese are endless – I made one with bacon the other week and even if I say so myself it was fantastic!
The other great thing about this humble veg is its keeping qualities. Stored in the fridge it will last until the end of the week when other veg as turned yellow or rubbery.
It is in season now – not as glamorous as asparagus, but a economical staple that I think is very under rated.
Buy one, get the recipes books out and have a go!


  1. Nowt stranger than folk!!
    I cannot believe that cauliflower is going out of fashion - we love it here - as vegetarians the cauliflower is a wonderfully versatile veg. We enjoy it as a cauliflower cheese, raw in salads, in a veg curry, dry fried with sesame seeds and cumin.... i could go on!
    Some people have no taste.
    Tracy x

  2. I am carb-free (ish) at the moment due to weight loss needs and in carb-free diets cauliflowers seem to be the essential substutute for mashed potatoes.

    I prefer it in a turkish salad.


  3. I love cauliflower done properly in a cheese sauce & with a thick layer of cheese on top. And the barefoot Contessa says to roast it for 1/2 hour in a moderately high oven with a sprinkling of parmesan, which sounds lovely. It amazes me that 'people' don't eat cauliflower, but I suppose the frozen version is horrible and veggies have to freeze well to fit in with modern life(!)

  4. I must confess I am not a huge caulifower fan, but my hubby is. The only way I really like it is pickled. However cauliflower cheese sounds enticing... may I ask what it is?

  5. Cauliflower cheese is cauliflower par boiled covered in a cheese sauce, then usually topped with grated cheese.There are many variations.

  6. Anita3:17 PM

    I felt so sad when I saw the item in the news that I bought one in the supermarket yesterday. I love cauli but it made me realise I don't buy it very often at all. I am determined to change!

  7. Hello Anita

    I know what you mean, it's another thing that is falling by the wayside - I thought about all the children who have never tasted cauliflower cheese and how sad it is and in years to come when they are parents the link will be lost.
    My mother and gran used to make brawn, but I draw the line at boiling up a pigs head, but I can manage a cauliflower:)

  8. Your banner keeps changing - I am very impressed - I don't even know how to make one!

    You should do a vote - I liked the felt flowers that were there this morning,

  9. Hi Jane

    I have had to shrink the banner photos as they cause everything to shift to the left.
    I am not clever - it's a new addition to what you can do to customise your blog.
    The current seagull will probably go but I've wasted so much time 'playing' I must stop for a few hours.
    It's difficult for me to decide on a definitive photo that perhaps illustrates my blog.

    Now I can upload a photo I can see myself changing it often!

    I may do a vote – yes I shall give you all 3 or 4 to choose from!

  10. Now I feel guilty because I haven't cooked cauliflower for a few months. I will make sure to buy one next time I'm food shopping. I hate the thought that such a staple British veg is going out of fashion. It's crazy. Cauliflower cheese is one of my favourites, especially with bacon. I will definitely have to try it with prawns as that sounds delicious.

  11. Cauliflower cheese is one of my favourites and usually have crispy bacon and grilled tomatoes with it. I think I need to try it with prawns though, as they're another favourite. Have you tried a dish of cauliflower/courgette/leek/carrot/onion cheese? Really yummy with all those different flavours, especially with grated cheese on top and finished off in the oven for half an hour.
    Sue x

  12. That sounds lovely.
    A thing I do is caramelise chunky cut onions and pop them on top before it goes into the oven - I use this a lot to make my husband eat things I know he would normally sulk about.


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