Thursday, May 24


I have discovered how to add a banner to my blog.
Jane suggested I offer my readers a choice and if you will humour me vote on your favourite.
Perhaps I shall change it once a month – but don’t’ worry I won’t ask you to vote every time

I like this detail of one of my favourite kitchen gadgets my Tala dry measure.

Looking east towards East Preston

Couldn't resist one of my furry son Harry

Detail of a felt flower

Is that enough to be getting on with? OK a few more....

Crows and Sea -I see both everyday

I like this - details of still life featuring Florence Hope and Cornish Ware

I wasn't feeling very well today and haven't done much, but have really enjoyed 'playing' chopping and trimming my photos.


  1. Too much choice but I vote for the sad little crows:(

  2. I think I've said before how much hubby & I "covet" your Tala measure, so that would be my choice. =)

  3. I like the Tala measure best, my Mum used to have one when I was little so it reminds me of childhood

  4. Harry gets my vote xx
    He looks blissfully happy - just like every dog should be.
    Have a great weekend.
    Tracy x

  5. Just found you - dont know who you are yet, but you seem interesting! I vote for Harry and the measure comes second.

  6. I will count the votes tomorrow morning and anounce the results in reverse order:)

    Hello Faith,
    Welcome to Gigibird:)
    That’s the nicest thing I’ve had said about me in a long while – that I seem interesting!
    I have just had a look at Dovecotes – I want one!
    Dogs are lovely – I say that as a cat person at heart - the love and loyalty they offer in abundance is overwhelming. Even my mad spaniel is lovely when he’s being all soppy with is mummy. Harry’s ears blow in the wind and living by the sea I often worry he will get earache on particularly blowy days. I would gladly knit him a doggy hat but my husband says I ‘sissify’ him enough.

  7. Anonymous4:20 PM


  8. I'd go for Harry too - I'd definately say you seem interesting (though you could just be pretending - but perhaps that would be interesting in itself - I have this fantasy that in fact I correspond via blogging with a load of 50 something year old men pretending to be crafty "ladies")

    Hope you are feeling more up to things by now,

  9. Love them all but I think the colours of Florence Hope and Cornishware look good. But then there's the measure ... and Harry ... no idea ... YOU choose!!
    Sue x

  10. That is so funny, your fantasy about crafty lady bloggers being men in disguise……I think any man would been sniffed out at 50 paces. Have you read many blogs written by men? It’s all bodily functions and car parts – although I am generalising (as usual;-))
    It is interesting what any of us find – interesting. I am guessing that we all ultimately gravitate towards people who are like ourselves, perhaps. Having an enquiring mind helps :)
    Hello Sue
    I blame Jane for this banner dilemma. Since discovering how to trim my photos a few days ago I can’t stop so I’m sure my banner will be changing frequently!
    You have a photo on your blog of one of my favourite flowers – those beautiful little white and pink daisies. I plan to have them growing all over my garden but they are really hard to get hold of down here.

  11. Hi Lynn, Hope that you're feeling a little brighter today.
    I love the banner you're using at the moment actually. I also like Tala and the EP shot. If you can't decide then why not change it each month? I change my banner every so often, usually with each season. Nice to have a change.


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