Tuesday, June 12

Fairy Cakes with Real Fairies

My lovely friend Louise, she who currently resides in New York sent me theses silicone cupcake cases for my Birthday (in addition to a cornucopia of other gorgeousness) and this is their second outing.

The thing about silicone bake ware is you either love it or hate it; I have another friend (there I go showing off)who is replacing all her bake ware with the stuff. I am still doing exhaustive tests before I jump into one of the camps – there was some ‘sticking’ in my cakes; however they are so pretty and girly that I can’t help but be bewitched by their cuteness. I got a bit carried away with the icing and made it pink –

As a reward for doing all the ironing I have come up stairs into my nook to write this.

To the right of me is a lovely cup of coffee

To the left my cakes.

I would like you to think that my faithful hound is always by my side but he stayed only as long as the cake did and then he was off…… cat petrol.

I don't give him any of the icing, he's hyperactive enough but he got 2 mouthfuls of sponge (and he licked the mixing bowl)


  1. Yummmeee cakes! I just had to go have a Weightwatchers almond slice after reading that (not quite in the same league as yours!) And lovely pics of your dog too.

  2. I shall pass your complimets on to Harry.
    Cakes are my downfall.
    Good luck with your move:)

  3. I want silicone cup cake cases, they look perfect, and the contents not bad either;)

  4. Wow! I am flattered by the compliment Stella:) I am sure it should be no surprise that I used 80% stork margerine - just like you said I should:)

  5. our #2 uses the silicone cup cakes cases to bake in now...and she likes them, the only problem she has is getting them sparkling clean for next time...i see the answer would be to let our 'used dog' lick it clean...

  6. I have found soaking them in hot soapy water for a while then using a 'scratchy' washing up sponge. They do need a bit of elbow grease.
    If I gave them to Harry to lick clean he would eat them as (my own fault) he is used to eating the paper cup cake casings. I like to recycle:)

  7. cake + coffee...pure bliss + certainly required having tackled a pile of ironing!

    they look so pretty. i'd probably polish off about 4 in a sitting...poor harry wouldn't get a look in! x

  8. i have never come across silicone cupcake cases - once the cake has been eaten and shared with the beautiful Harry, and washed and scrubbed - do they come up looking as good as new?
    i think i can feel a bit of cake research coming on.....

  9. Anonymous1:44 PM

    Huxley is smarting a little case his admirers think he smells like an old Hamster and pees at will. He does have some unrinary 'issues' of which he is the first to admit, but his swollen spleen and kidney failure should be noted. He is also pleased with his new (more expensive) litter and has been 'dry' for two nights. I thank you. The neighbour!

  10. Your fairy cakes look scrumptious!

    We sell quite alot of that silicone bakeware at our shop, as it is very popular here. I haven't used it myself however. Personally I think some things are better left unchanged. I'm waiting for 50 years down the road when they tell us all that microwaved food and silicone bakeware were actually bad for us! lol

  11. Tracy - they come up like new each time I've used them, but bits of the cake do stick and the whole point of silicone is it isn't meant to....I do have a large 9x9 inch square tin and some Madeleine trays.....I think on the whole I prefer aluminium.
    I think we need to start a Huxley fan club. Despite his bladder problems he has the sweetest nature. Perhaps he needs an agent??
    Hi Louise my only concerns regarding silicone bake ware is does it work and is it worth the extra money

  12. What yummy looking fairy cakes. The cases look nice and complement the icing well but I'm too lazy for something that needs much washing!

  13. Hi Lynn - yes, the silicone bakeware does work very well indeed, and I would say it is worth the expense. =)


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