Friday, June 8

Generally Speaking

I like animals, well I love them actually, some say (Stella) that I'm gaga over them; those who may read my musings on a regular basis know I’m not too keen on rodents right now, that’s now that I have squatters in my baking drawer, however my sonic mouse repeller finally arrived this morning and has been plugged in – guaranteed or my money back? Well we will see….. but I’m digressing
I had an email from my lovely neighbour who has a wormery. Anyway this morning we had a lot of rain and Sam had covered it over… the sun is shining, she’s at work and the worms getting hot so she asked if I would go around and uncover them. So I dully went round and took my camera with me because she has 4 photogenic cats and interesting things in her garden that I have been spying from my side of the fence….

A close up

What a great idea. Use broken but pretty crockery as a top dressing on pot plants. I almost feel like breaking something just so I can have a go! I won’t but it’s worth picking up a cheap chipped something or other in a charity shop (thrift shops for you lot who live in the Americas).

My sewing nook is coming along nicely thank you. My Pride-O-Home table is in situ and the vast majority of sewing ephemera is now upstairs rather than down. I need more plastic boxes to store my ever growing fabric stash and with a bit or organisation from Mary Poppins think I’ll be there.

General view.

My 'notions'

Huxley had just swollowed a cute pill.

OK another photo of my 'nook'


  1. Hi thanks for the e-mail, just popped in for a quick look, we have an out-door (i hasten to say) rat at the moment which i am sure you can imagine is delightful, and also just to say i have not for a long time heard anyone referring to their "notions" how great, for me that is as it takes me back to my childhood, thanks for that........... speak soon, ooh one other thing done my tags it was great fun!Stephne x

  2. Anonymous4:33 PM

    I might add that the Hyderanger (I don't know how to spell it!) is looking so lovely not just due to a very nice broken tile (very annoying, i still have two) but because I feed it with worm juice from my wormery. Huxley prefers cow juice.
    The Neighbour.

  3. thank goodness for Mary Poppins and the so sweet Huxley - does he have a dark side i wonder?
    Tracy x

  4. Oh WOW. I just love that idea of broken pottery!

  5. I hope you do not think me "holy-ier than thou" because believe me i am not, i could quite easily sink my nashers into a big fat juicy beefburger, but for me it feels wrong as i am on this bloody pathway and cannot i get off...and as for the beeb well where to start, having never worked for anyone but myself, i am a bloody good stylist/decorator of period houses though i say it myself and perhaps should not, but one minute the so called "goafer" is being sweetness and light itself and within a couple of months has risen to the ranks of director and is hamming it up like a complete lovey! knowing very little about the job in hand after probably taking night classes for a 3 months, they suddenly become the Brian Sewell of interior bleeding design, the back stabbing within is truely facinating to watch and listen to, and as with most areas of work were ego and status is paramount darling! it's not what you know it's who you are sleeping with tut tut tut! but this was all about 9 years or so ago, and as there are countless re-runs i have to say my work still stands up unlike most that dates within 3 months of being done, i know i am being a bitch but really it was quite an experience, that and the fact that it took 8 years for them to pay me. I feel i should go down in history for being probably the only person to ever turn down working for the beeb, it simply is just not cricket, sorry really seemed to have waffled but you did ask!!!speak soon stephne X

  6. Tracy - Huxley does hve a bit of a dark side - he wees all over the place indoors.He licks concrete;and he has sneezed all over me once or twice which is not pleasant even for a cat lover....
    Stephne - I love Brian Sewell. I laughed out loud when I read your comments - you are the first person apart from myself who even knows who BS is.

  7. Lots of animals at my place today!

  8. oh gigibird, i have a special suprise for you on my blog tomorrow night (wed morning your time) i sound portuguese in any way and should i sign my name...

    Joshua aka Tif


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