Wednesday, June 20

I Think I May Have a Problem

I’ve been at it again – playing in my nook – this time under the pretext of finding my jumble and charity shops treasures.
I have discovered that I shall need to organise a photo shoot area to the rear of the room as my Pride –O-Home table is in the wrong position light wise. This will be done soon even though I’m sure it will leave me emotionally drained and in need of a large glass of brandy (tidying and organising you see upset me) I don’t care what Stella and Anthea Turner think I don’t feel better for it afterwards ………………but I digress.
This is the first thing I want to show you –

On returning from a jumble I would empty everything out on the floor and examine every piece at my leisure without the worry of someone grabbing it away from me. On this particular scarf I found the name of its past owner. The reason it’s still there today is because I found the name tag in its 30’s font so beautiful; plus it also appealed to my huge sentimental streak that somehow it would have been wrong to remove it.
I have always thought if I ever became an author of fiction (likely hood nil) my non de plume would be A L Rickford.
Let me introduce you to Pug, Pug Ugly.

I have decided he needs to get out more so he thinking of becoming my Gigibird mascot. He has a kind look about him.

The usual suspects.

He's growing on you isn't he?


  1. he is indeed a a cute-ugly kind of way. i love that he's got a job as a mascot + i do like his friends too. name tapes...they were sewn into all my things as a youngster when i was packed off to boarding school...i still have them on all my hankies :) the story of your A L ROCKFORD one is delightful. you WILL write a book though one day so i'll always keep an eye out for you under R.

    so now it's 4pm + definitely cup of tea time...enjoy your brandy! x

  2. i like pug definatly appeals to my quicky side...he would have found a place on my mantelpiece along with my ugly owls...

    great name for a character in a novel, personally i think you would be rather good at penning a book...

  3. No . . .no . . .no. He is the spitting image of a psychotic ex-neighbour whose husband tried to run me over with a JCB.
    Do not make him a mascot please!

  4. put it to the vote, Lynn...

    i vote 'YAY'...

  5. He's ugly yet so cute! And I definitely think you should go with your non de plume, and start writing books set in the 30's!

  6. i think i prefer droopy dog .......
    but go with what feels right
    perhaps a vote is in order
    pug ugly
    or the blue one?
    i will watch this space with interest
    tracy x

  7. Hi, have left a comment, could not help myself, was not unkind but had to say something, do not look if you have just eaten.....S X

  8. Love the dogs is the blue terrier Sylvac, i think it is, i have would you believe, a beige mother size one, i used to collect Sylvac, it does not suprise me in the least that you have some too...Sx

  9. Oh Jane, poor you! Don't worry Pug will just keep me company when up in my nook.

    Kelly - I did have a very small brandy - thing is I enjoy breathing in the fumes more than drinking it, but waste not want not I forced it down!

    Tif- there will be no vote......I am still awaiting the results of your door naming...

    Hello Louise, I wish I could write a book and wouldn't it be wonderful to be set in the 1930's.

    Tracy - unlike you my aniamls seem to be ceramic! with the exception of Harry and the fish.

  10. Oh Stephne I used to collect Sylvac!! In my case it was rabbits.
    Then dogs started coming my way....
    a large dog, I covet him:)

  11. Hi - I have just found you via Snapdragon and really enjoyed reading some of your archive pages. Not sure about the dog tho' - I'm owned by a spaniel so no disloyalty allowed - not even cute/ugly pugs.

  12. Hello Alice C - I'm owned by a spaniel too.
    He doesn't like having his phototaken otherwise he would feature more often.


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