Thursday, June 21

Sew Far

After a piece of this

I felt able to tackle this

Believe it or not I have a plan –

Pug has been making friends and dressing up

Naughty Florence Hope bear watched Rome last night and wanted to make himself a toga

But I said Mark Antony wasn’t a very good role model.

Harry looking particularly cute with one of his daddy’s socks in his mouth


  1. that is a very saucy looking bear in that toga - i hope you covered ugly pugs eyes
    tracy x

  2. Looks like you've been having some fiun! I Like the cute one with the big smile and waggy tail most! Do you work Harry or like my boy Silas is he just a home boy? Silas very much likes bringing us shoes (he thinks they're pheasants!) I'm sure the two of them would get on famously!

  3. Harry doesn't work - he is frightened of loud noises.
    He 'steals'dirty washing and swaps it for biscuits, it's a little game he made up all by himself!

  4. all that lovely 'eye candy' has made me rather dizzy...that slice of cake looks delicious (sadly all our cupcakes have been eaten by me), i love both doggies, bear with toga and all the sewing notions too...basically i love it to find a stale biscuit, sigh...

  5. Your Harry is the absolute sweetest looking pup!

  6. By the way, Lynn, what breed of Spaniel is Harry? My parents have a Britney (with the most loving disposition, and what a watch dog)!

  7. Harry is an English Springer Sapniel.
    He does have his cute moments but mostly he's mad.

  8. I hope you didn't let him watch too much, wouldn't like to see ugly pug decapitated!

  9. you have no idea how badly I want a piece of that cake! x

  10. Hi Jo - we have had a little chat about chopping peoples heads off, but just in case I'm keeping him away from anything sharpe:)

    Hi Gina - even though I say so myself the sponge tastes as good as it looks, I should know I've eaten most of it!

  11. sigh, *rumble rumble* sigh...


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