Tuesday, July 31

Calmer Waters

After my dentist restored me to my former beauty(!) I took the boy out for his walkies.
The weather was perfect and the sea as calm as sea could be.

I know I always say it but if it wasn't for the seaweed I'd be in there...

Click on the photo and you will see bathers...
Harry met his only doggie friend Kenny and they exchanged biscuits – well mummies did the biscuit swap

I have been tidying my fabric piles which is completely out of character but I am worried about moth so made sure all my wool felt is now residing in a clear plastic box….I do plan to stuff lavender here and there but I think my first line of defence is not to offer those pesky moths my felt on a plate, or to be precise open slatted shelves. I have also put my few remaining pieces of horrible Kunin felt in the charity bag.
I have a little crafty project in my mind…..I think these colours are very reminiscent of Charleston and so that is where my inspiration will come……


  1. Visiting your blog for the first time and what fun I've had! I've also had my own dental experience lately...isn't it just awful? Glad its in the past now!

  2. Hello Lora! Thank you for stopping by Gigibird:)
    Yes, I'm pleased to say I have my front tooth back.
    I used to work at a dentists (for years and years) so I'm not phobic BUT I hate having to pay for my treatment now!
    I'm gald you have enjoyed your read of Gigibird. Drop in again soon:)

  3. Sorry to hear about your tooth, glad you've got it sorted.
    I love that top pic. The composition and the colour is lovely.
    I'm looking forward to seeing your Charleston inspired project. Unfortunately I never got around to visiting Charleston when I lived in London and it was easy to get to.

  4. Kenny is rather bat like in the way our Jasmine is when she yawns - cute.

    Glad you got your tooth mended.

    I have nominated you, Heather & Gina for Bloggers "Reflection" award - I must get out more!

  5. Hello Jools,
    You know I too have never been to Charleston although it is relatively near....I have friends(there I go bragging again) who have visited and have come away a little disappointed. Unlike the rest of the world I don't care of Virginia Wolfe, but I love the art that was born from the Bloomsbury Group.
    I'm glad you like my sea photos - something you may not know, my photographic assistant barks the whole time as soon as I switch my camera on so it's a miracle I get anything taken!
    Jane - you have nominated me for the Reflections thingy - thank you:)....

  6. Oh yuk, don't talk to me about moths. We're battling them at the moment and I'm religious about sealing everything up that they might take a fancy to. Evil little swines!

    I hope your tooth is feeling better now!

  7. Hello Val,
    Clothes moths are the only living creature I have absolutely no guilt about killing. I think it must be a good year for them and a bad year for woollens! I don't want to use anything chemical but I am planning a major onslaught with lavender and cedar balls. Oh and a Le Creuset spatula which is the perfect killing weapon


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