Monday, July 30


Today I am not leaving my house. Poor Harry is having to do with a run around the garden. I am not contagious, it’s worse than that, I am toothless! Until 8.30am tomorrow morning when I see my dentist one of my front teeth resides in the bathroom! Biting into a piece of bread and butter last night was too much for my already frail bridge. Stella popped round to laugh at my expense and suggest as long as I didn’t smile it would fine for me to go to the Post Office. I ignored her.
Anyway she cheered me up and to be quite honest it’s been rather fun not doing much. I will do some ironing this afternoon so not have too much selfish enjoyment in one day.

Actually I have listed a few new pieces on Etsy which meant talking photos which is never a chore. I really should read the manual soon as I am wanting to do more with my camera.

I think I am about ready for Photoshop……


  1. Oh dear, I hope you get the tooth sorted tomorrow. I don't blame you not going out. I always remember when I was little, my Grandma having a lot of work done on her teeth and her coming to meet us in a department store in Hull, between appointments with the dentist. I think she'd had a morning appointment and had to go back later in the day, and she had virtually all her teeth missing! I remember then wondering how she dared to face anyone like that, never mind go shopping.
    Loving the new Florence Hope pieces. Like you, I'm feeling I need to read my camera instructions. I'm sure I could take much better photos, particularly of the 'close up' variety if I read what my camera can actually do.

  2. Hi Fiona:)
    I know it's only one tooth but I don't want anyone seeing me!
    My Granny used to wear dentures but she only ever put them in when she went shopping!
    Get playing with your macro settings and see how you get on....since discovering mine my close-ups have improved.

  3. what wonderful news on my return...your little etsy store is filling up and with such beautiful items, i am delighted for you and Stella but obviously not for your tooth...

    have missed your blog, am looking forward to catching up..

  4. I also have a bridge at the front (cycling accident aged 9) and dread it all coming apart some day. I hate dentists, won't go near tem unless in desperation. I am a complete coward.

    Maybe we should all organise ourselves to put a day aside for reading the camera instructions! Mind you I would have to find the manual first,


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