Saturday, July 14

East Beach Cafe

Stella picked me up this morning to take me for a cappuccino at the newly opened and much promoted East Beach Cafe.

I don't expect there is anyone in the world who isn't aware of this latest Thomas Heatherwick designed beach front cafe.

I'm not going to say too much on the subject as controversy seems to pop out of my mouth - but I am a fan of the structure but not of the owners - and leave it there.....

there's always someone getting in the way of a great shot....

It was so amusing as while we were there outside was a trendy floppy haired photographer taking photos....two life guards walked past presumably patrolling the area for drowning children (and sadly it does happen) when the photographer decided to use them as props.....but the thing is and what I find so funny is the huge discrepancy in the images I see in Vogue and the Telegraph and real life. He couldn't take a photo of the life guards without 'others' getting in the shot. In the end and as we left someone was asking pedestrians to stop and wait until the the shot had been taken....Stella and I thought he should have just got up a bit earlier.

Life guards and a few 'locals'perhaps giving off too much of a vintage'vibe'

But as you can see from the photos we had a laugh and will visit again soon.


  1. That's a coincidence, Jenny Eclair was talking about the new cafe in Littlehampton this morning on her LBC radio show. I'd not heard about it and wondered where it was. We spent a lovely day in Littlehampton a few years back, I loved some of the architecture and old buildings. But you're right about the images in the media being far from the reality. My Mum lives in Newquay, Cornwall,and when Jamie Oliver opened his new restaurant near there last year I found it difficult to reconcile the "trendy" image with the slightly shabby town that I know well, complete with "vintage" locals! And I can say that because my Mum is one!
    But the burning question is: what did you eat and did you enjoy it?!

  2. well Stella and her husband were obvioulsy feeling flush last week and decided to have a slice of cake each but at £2.90 a slice it wasn't cheap although Stella said it tasted fresh....
    Today we just had cappuccinos - as I am trying to watch my weight.
    It could however do with a clean....I almost put my new shopper on a load of greasy fat that was under the table.

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  4. Picture the scene. The local councillers’ meeting ... How CAN we get the members of public to use our doggy bins? I know, let’s erect a giant ‘doggie do da’ on the front. That’ll remind ’em!

  5. until you mentioned doggy poo I hadn't made the connection! It's not that bad - I like it and inside it is nice and will improve when the owners work on the ambience.

  6. i have seen the photos and quite frankly i think it looks awful.
    it will look even worse when the sea air has worked on it for a few years, and i cannot imagine how grim it will look on a wet winters day.
    as for the grease under the table - you are brave to be going back.
    and HOW MUCH for a slice of cake?????
    climbing off my soap box now.....
    glad you had a fun time out together x
    tracy x

  7. Thank you for your lovely comment, yes, now I can't say at all that I have none!

    I AM a friend of Tif's and as such had been lurking around your blog for awhile also. I too am going through a bird phase in what I'm drawn to (as evident by the etsy mini on my blog), and I love your Aunt Olive's rugs. I'm also intrigued as to why you don't like the ambience in the poo cafe, but I suppose I may never know.

    It's nice to meet you!

    (aka Tif's real life banking angel)

  8. Anonymous8:03 PM

    There you go again with your opinions!!!
    The neighbour x

  9. wowzers! what a caff! i hadn't seen it...i think i like it.

  10. I should like to defend the East Beach Cafe as I really do like it. As a resident of LA (Littlehampton) I am pleased that we have a an 'architectural icon' to put us on the map. The photos in the glossy mags have had some airbrushing but I am all for that and they also quoted, 'Sleepy Littlehampton will never be the same again' HERE'S HOPING;)

  11. That building is amazing! And right on the beach no less! If anyone ever attempted to construct a building similar to that here on the Cape, they would get a resounding "NO" which you could probably hear in the UK! We have severely strict building codes here in attempts to keep the Cape looking the same... forever. hmf.

    THAT said, what an awesome structure! Now I'm all ready to have my own photo shoot there when we make it back to the UK! =)

  12. Great for LA to have a positive talking point. However, I have to say that it looks very much like a piece of set from The Flintstones movie!
    Louise C's thoughts also crossed my mind. Why brown?

  13. Not so sure about the design, as others have said I think it's the colour......!

    Always good to have somewhere to go for a coffee though, especially right on the beach front, how very lucky you are.

    If I lived near it I'd be looking forward to those cold blustery days when the dog still needs to be walked but you can at least escape in there for a hot mug of coffee after.


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