Wednesday, July 18

It's a Phase

It’s funny where inspiration comes from…
The indiscriminate placing of a gardening hoe against a freshly painted wall caused me to explore this random colour combination.

But I think it was this cream and green tin ware that the seeds of the idea came from.

This is one of my latest additions to the house - a simple shelving unit brought to life with a little sea blue accent.

I painted the selves the same colour as the wall (Farrow & Ball Lime White) and used a small roller to add the edge colour.

Yesterday I popped into Matalan. I have long given up with the clothes (although I always look with hopeful anticipation) but the home ware there is great.

These beauties were £1 each in the sale.....down from £2 each!! And they are porcelain.

These are what I refer to as poor womans Caroline Zoob....£2 each. I've treated my mother to 4 of them.

They even look great close up.


  1. I love those rose and blue mugs - they are great. I must pay a visit. I have only recently discovered Matalan homeware and I have been quite happily surprised.
    Love Ax

  2. I agree Matalan do great homeware stuff, but I admit to being biased, I briefly worked in the buying department for Bedding & Bathroom so helped with the designing :) I hated the job, but still love their stuff.

    Lovely shelves, very seasidey, and I really like your bird feed box too.

  3. Dinky cups! I think the flowery ones look wonderful.... and what's wrong with Po' mans Caroline Zoob? Don't forget she started out using second hand stuff.... probably because there wasn't a Matalan nearby!

  4. your shelves are a delight + i love how you came by your inspiration : ) lucky birds to have their very own stylish food house!

    matalan mugs looking a bit orla k? v nice too + even better a bargain.

    catching up with you from sunny norfolk...hope you're well xxx

  5. the mugs are lovely what a bargain

  6. French Knots3:18 PM

    I've not been to Matalan for ages, but those lovely cups have prompted me into a visit this weekend.
    The cupboard looks great, more shelf space is always a plus.

  7. Well done you, I think you've started a buying frenzy at Matalan!

    I went and bought some after reading your post, and put them on my blog, and my friends and some fellow bloggers have said they're making a special visit to get some too.

    P.S. your shelves look lovely, what a great colour combo!


  8. Well done you, I think you have started a buying frenzy at Matalan!

    I rushed off to buy some, after reading your post, and then put them on my blog, and my friends, and some other bloggers, are making a special visit to get some too.

    Your shelves are lovely, great colour combo, inspiration comes from the oddest things!



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