Monday, July 23

There's More

After coming over all bossy and making Stella make a new batch of Florence Hope labels I forgot to include them on my photo shoot!
It won’t happen again!

I went off piste in the photocopy shop and made the poor girl experiment with the bits and pieces I had brought to copy……£15 later I am extremely pleased with the results…….

A few more photos on Florence Hope

I have my nose in Harry Potter - so far only 2 dead......


  1. the new corsages are gorgeous...they look so great all together like that. love that background print too!

  2. Just been to see latest Harry Potter film with my son Oscar and 6 of his best friends for his 9th birthday - fab! Also mannaged to pursuade Oscar that I ought to read the new HP book (that his brother Ned had bought him for said birthday) with him in case he got scared! I'm on page 312 - Oscars on page 120! Cracking read so far!
    Great corsages!
    Al x

  3. lovely corsages and lovely pic, photocopy girl did well!


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