Thursday, July 19

Instead of Painting

I’ve been playing in my nook.
I recently ordered some custom labels for my occasional solo Gigibird projects.

I am very pleased how they turned out.

Then somehow I managed to finish a Florence Hope felt flower corsage so I felt I should stick it on Etsy before I decided to keep it for my own private use……

I must say putting items onto Etsy is so easy compared to how it used to be.

Keep them crossed but if I pull my finger out there should be a few more corsages going on in the next few days.


  1. Hi Gigi,
    love these.. really the stitch detail and choice of colours....good luck on etsy.. i'd be surprised if these didn't sell fast!

  2. beautiful corsage...very special! i love your new labels too. they look vintagey. just the kind of thing some lucky person will stumble on in years to come + use as their stiching version of a nom de plume ;)

  3. Hello Ginny,
    I'm so pleased you like them - they are truly a labour of love.
    I hope you're right and they do sell!
    Kelly - hello. The Gigibird label is attached to something that is coming to you soon:)

  4. oh. my. wow!!! you've made my day lynn...feeling a v lucky girl this evening. can't wait to see my mystery gigibird creation. thanks a million my friend xxx

  5. all beautiful - the colours you put together are wonderful.
    love the labels x
    tracy x

  6. I love your corsage I can see why you have kept it for yourself.

  7. Lynn - did my yesterday's comment fall off? -

    Could you keep the black one for me - no pressure, see whether you are happy with it
    I'm away from tomorrow until Thursday,

  8. I love the corsage and the colours are great - I must say I would have wanted to keep it myself.
    I like the labels!


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