Wednesday, August 15

Before, During

This is what my fireplace looked like at 9am this morning....

Then in what seemed like a few minutes it looked this this

And towards the end of the day it looked like this
It has been a dream of mine to have a wood burning stove since (I’m trying to think now)1980/1981 when I helped someone cook drop scones on top of one…..
I won’t be cooking anything on top of the one I’m having, but I am very excited about it arriving.
It's an awful lot of money just so I can burn wood carbon neutrally; like so many environmentally 'positive' products it isn't cheap and financially I don't think I will ever be able to justify its expense, nor will it ever pay for itself.....BUT I love it!


  1. We put in a wood burning stove last christmas, the best thing we've done in the house so far.

    It certainly pays for itself as we've used probably a third of the oil we had used the previous year.
    We also fitted it all ourselves (very much the royal "we" there!) which cut down on the cost of it.

    Plus the fact that I didn't get chilblains this winter makes me a happy bunny!

    Enjoy, you'll love it!

    L :o)

  2. Well you have made me even happier!! I think it will save some money especially if we fall out with the Russians and fuel prices rocket. I want to use it during the day when it's just me and Harry instead of turning the central heating on.

  3. We're on the lookout for a pot belly stove for our lounge area at the moment. Very difficult to track down.

    Daren't show Greg this post - he'll be heartbroken.

  4. Hello Alison:)
    Shield Greg's eyes for me:)The hearth tiles are staying.
    Good luck with your pot belly stove search.

  5. Anonymous10:35 PM

    I want drop scones.

  6. We put one in a couple of years ago and it is great, really toasty. Could have done with making the hole in the chimney breast a bit bigger but we're not going to take it out again!It's great on so many fronts - looks lovely, sounds lovely, makes the room warm and uses less fuel than havng the heating on.
    Looking forward to the 'after' shot.

  7. snapdragonjane1:10 PM

    We are so pleased with our woodburner (from Dowling Stoves - they make them to order and you can go and watch!) that we are meant to be putting the whole house onto a woodburning boiler (with a back up from the LPG for emergency)and getting a mini canal boat type one (oh luxury! for our bedroom. I might try drop scones on that one.
    We don't have mains gas, and LPG and Oil are very expensive, so it isn't difficult to save money by switching to wood - that said - Euan was saying last night that our gas bill is down 1/3 which is pretty good as it has been a cold and miserable year.

  8. Did you know you can get grants if you choose a woodburner with a back boiler?
    A little cute one for the bedroom - I feel a surf coming on looking for them....canal boat ....

  9. wood burning stoves are great. i grew up with one and they are fantastic and add something special to the room.

    well done!

  10. When I get my dream house, it'll so need a pot belly wood burning stove.

    Plus, drop scones are all the excuse you need!

  11. I'd love to have a woodburning stove and a woodburning rangecooker with a back boiler, but alas, lack of funds prevent getting either. :(
    Maybe sometime in the future.
    Looking forward to seeing the pics of the stove.

  12. i'm with you girl - sometimes you have to have what makes you happy!
    we have opted for a wood burning rayburn and a wood burner in the sitting room in the new house.
    it is the eco friendly option and as there is no mains gas where we are - it will cost so much less than oil.
    as for the woodburners in our bedroom and the guest room - pure indulgence!!

  13. I always thought (naively) that you bought a wood burner and something happened to the chimney and that was that – the expensive, very expensive thing happens to the chimney and the wood burner is the cheapest part!
    Plus I’ve had to have my fireplace opened up….

    I have a week before the next stage, the chimney bit, to paint the inside of the fireplace so place your bets for how many different shades of F&B I can try before I settle on an off white!

  14. Would that be a green off white or a blue . .or a yellow. . .

  15. I'm think a grey off white!
    Shaded white to be exact as I have 5 litres of exterior emulsion - I'm sure that will be OK?

  16. Lucky you - it looks beautiful. And the tiles are such a wonderful colour!


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