Friday, August 17

Today I have been mainly


English Madeleines

They were fun to make be it a little fiddly perhaps but children would I think enjoy covering them with jam and rolling them in coconut. I certainly did.

How to look good naked!

That's better they have their clothes on.
Other breaking news - I have a pigeon.

He or she has made me anxious as let's call him he - he doesn't seem too clever and I am worrying he may get eaten by one of next doors cats....if he lasts 24 hours I will have to give him a name and get Stella's brother to build me a pigeon coup!

My mother popped round between Larry King and Dr Phil to paint a bit of fence....she wants to do it, I don't make her....she was paid with coffee and cake - I'm good like that.


  1. only you could bake cakes, aquire a pigeon and get your mum to paint a fence for you all in one day....
    for this reason (and others) i have bestowed upon you an award!
    go over to my blog to receive it - put it on the mantlepiece, pass it on or ignore it - the choice is yours!!
    tracy x

  2. Yum yum - I want one. A madeline that is, oh and a mum who pops around and does a bit of diy. I wish I could get my Mother trained like this! lol

  3. Thank you Tracy for my award - I am planning a response next week.
    My pigeon is back (Saturday) and has a temporary name of Snowy - my husband as put out bread and bird seed for 'him'
    Lazylol - hello. Even though Madeleines are basically a basic sponge mix there is something quite wonderful biting into such a pretty little package.
    My mum is making a fantastic job of the fence but she just needs to get her speed up a bit! Only joking.

  4. We had a pigeon live here for 4 days last year - it was a racing pigeon and seemed a bit stupid and prone to sitting in flower beds - we fed it and then it just upped and left, presumably remembering that it was meant to be in a race.

  5. Anonymous9:23 PM

    Oh dear god - now the pigeon is making me anxious. I'm sure Dandelion wouldn't tackle something so big unless she was armed and we've hidden her nun chuckers. Monkey would need anti depressants if she by some change remembered she is a cat. Cherry is far to concerned with milk consumption/napping and the when Huxley caught a small rat 5years ago he needed councelling after killing it.
    Tiny breast cakes...far more tempting that pigeon pie.
    The neighbour (keeper of savage cats)

  6. I have seen Dandelion attempt a crow - size doesn't matter with that girl.
    I'm designing a pigeon coup for one

  7. I haven't seen you in that dress before!

  8. Hope the pigeon survives, we once had one that thought it was a chicken. No really, it used to go into the hen house at night with the chickens, it even got broody and laid the occasional egg.

  9. Stella - that's not funny! I shall now have to punish you....
    Carolyn - Hello. I want a pigeon who thinks it's a chicken! I shall have to make do with Snowy. If he's here for a week I will reward him with proper pigeon food - he's making do with wild bird food and bread. I am worrying where he is sleeping...

  10. how's snowy now it's sunday? as long as he can avoid the cats he'll live a long & happy life with you feeding him : )

    those madeleines are gorgeous looking...the kind of thing i dreamt of eating whilst flicking through my mum's dairy cookbook as a little girl. i love all the steps it takes to get them looking fully dressed...then it's all over in a couple of bites! bliss!

    your mum is a great worker but for cakes like yours you must have volunteers queuing up! x

  11. Kelly you are so kind.
    The Madeleines have all gone and they were worth the effort. The next batch I make I shall use apricot jam and sink the cherry into a blob of butter icing:) Now they will certainly be worth queing up for!
    Mum is round tomorrow to do more painting - I can't stop her!
    Snowy ia still worrying me as he looks like he needs 'family' around him...I'm hoping he will make some friends


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