Thursday, August 23


Despite the poor quality of my photos here is my stove.
I promise I won’t mention the ‘S’ word for a while even though I want to talk of nothing else….. I had to put the kindling on top of the stove as Harry is partial to wood...

Something else that has given me great pleasure is I have for the first time EVER burnt a CD. I know you young ones will roll your eyes upwards and wonder if I’m a bit slow on the uptake - those of you who know me will know I am! but I have always considered this to be ‘man’ territory and well, its easy peasy lemon squeezy:)
So Stella and Sam have a copy of the soundtrack to Amelie.

I am so wanting to light a fire but I am waiting for Nigel to come home because deep down I know he wants to do it....primeval urges - lighting fires. Next time we're out I shall buy him an axe....lets just hope he only uses it on the logs!


  1. ooohhhh! Nice stove!
    I've also burnt a cd or two in my time, but I tend to leave it to hubby, as he does it all the time. It's been so long since I did it last, I probably wouldn't remember how to do it!

  2. What is it with men and fires, they just love it don't they, the burning of the cd,s went straight over my head i am afraid, i am obviously way back in the dark ages, absolutly no idea what you are talking about. Anyway it is a lovely surround c.1930.oak with a decorative lozenge at the throat, now this is a subject i know way to much about, speak soon S x

  3. if my man was computer savvy then I wouldn't know how to do anything on a computer I would just get him to do it....but he isn't so I have to be. Now I know how to copy CD's I will be ordering them form the Library and saving some money that I will probably spend on wood.
    The fire surround came with the house but it wasn't original to it as it was too big for the wall. I had it made smaller and despite trying to 'restore' I ended up painting it.
    Have you got a sore throat?

  4. My 3 men and the dog love to sort out the wood pile. We get a load delivered in the Autumn and they spend most of the day stacking it. I'm very good at disassembling it - you know - like taking the bottom can in the display at the supermarket! Hope you enjoy your stove - we've got an open fire but when we get round to stage 3 of our house renovation a wood burning stove is a must have.
    Al x

  5. Looks great, you'll be toasty warm all winter.
    Have never burnt a cd in my life but did burn my hand on the iron the other day!

  6. Anonymous11:52 PM

    Burn baby burn!!
    The Neighbour.

  7. Al Hi - I am ordering my log pile next week - oak and ash but before that happens a space has to be made in the garage....
    Jo – very amusing…not you burning yourself though! I know children probably do it in their sleep but I am so proud of myself for managing to work it all out.
    Sam – after all my anticipation by the time we had had dinner and rice pudding we didn’t need the stove on and now the weather is warming up – drat!

  8. That looks really nice. Ahhh Amelie,my favourite film ever! I have emailed you by the way to say Hello!

  9. Lovely stove, bet you cannot wait to use it!

  10. Hello Woo and Annie, I have yet to use it as the weather has warmed up:(
    Tomorrow we will be making a space for our wood pile.....and buying Nigel an axe!

  11. so you married an axe man?!

    lynn...i'm so happy you got your stove at last! you are going to be so toasty this autumn. as for harry...he'll be in heaven!

    have you lit it yet even though we're having another summer flush? i couldn't wait when we got ours + the novelty still hasn't worn off. worth every penny!

    burning cds too? congratulations! does this mean you'll be backing things up next?! it's a great know-how to have...especially for nice things like amelie soundtracks. that has to be one of the most-played cds in our house...i never tire of it. ooo maybe we could do a cd swap? promise i won't put kt tunstall on it : )



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