Tuesday, August 21

Snakes and Ladders

Today if you don't mind I'd like to show you some installation photos.
When I received my estimates for my stove I could hardly believe how much it was going to cost but the more I researched what needed to be done the more I realised that my quote was pretty good!

Externally, my rather unusual chimney pot had to be taken off - if it broke I was told I wouldn't be able to have an exact replacement as they had never seen a chimney pot like it....(apart from all the other old houses in the road that still have them)
Once it was off the stainless steel liner was pushed down my chimney - I was warned about a possible soot fall - I only had a little one!

I was very impressed how the men had their own Hoover - apparently soot ruins hoovers and my soot fall was quickly dealt with.

Once the liner was in place and the stove positioned a plate was fitted, after it was cut to size; then the gaps around the liner was filled, finally cementing my chimney pot back with an additional cap.

I will show you my stove another time as I was rather disappointed with my photos (bad/failing light)


  1. Anonymous8:33 PM

    get a move on.....
    the neighbour

  2. You can come round and have a look!

  3. Anonymous9:11 PM

    Will there be drop scones? P.S I'm in my P.J's. Harry might not be able to resist!! The Neighbour

  4. Looks exciting, thanks for your comment on my blog. I live in Hastings :-) Love your corsages very nice. Can I ask - how do you find Etsy for selling - is it any good? Looking forward to the photos of the stove and I have to say I am very impressed with the coconut pyramids!

  5. We were lucky as our chimney still worked so we just needed a metal backplate.
    You are going to love, love, love your stove when it is all finished - particularly when you don't like the sunshine so snuggling next to a stove on a cold day, eating those drop scones is going to be just ideal.

    Is there an open invitation for these drop scones?

    By the way - if you want some mint I'll post you some roots once they are dormant - just give me a shout.


  6. Ooh, how exciting! Bet you can't wait to use it.

  7. Hi how's it going? long time no speak, after 6 weeks of daily conflabs with BT i am finally on the airwaves it would seems. Have just caught up with your antics and one or two other i nose in on, so i feel like i am back on getting track, say hi to stella and i will speak to you soon love S X

  8. Devil makes work - I can't find your name anywhere on your blog!
    Firstly thanks for stopping by:)Today's photos of my wood burner are no good either...plus I have no wood and I'm desperate to start a fire up - it's cold enough today!
    Email me and we can chat about Etsy -
    Jane I would love some apple mint - I will email you my details. I know just where I will plant it - by my new composter!
    Stephne I am so pleased to see you're back. I was only thinking about you a few days ago thinking I must find out how's it all going with the relocation

  9. Jools - it is exciting and I can't wait to use it...it is truly wonderful when dreams whatever the scale are realised:)

  10. no i don't mind at all you were so right, i have taken another piccy and loaded it up, it is certainly better, i think i have lost the knack or the inclination for photography, maybe i need to take a crash course, i am now going to whip myself with a bunch of birch twigs and then i will be able to enjoy my delicious lentil and butternut squash curry, thank you for keeping me on my toes...S x

  11. Is there going to be an official opening? Can I cut the ribbon?

  12. Bring your camera on Saturday:)

  13. I was reading your post as quickly as I could as I was eager to see the stove and it wasn't there!
    Lokk forward to the photos!

  14. Looks very exciting! I look forward to seeing posts of your stove.

    We had to leave behind two prefectly lovely antique chimney pots when we sold our childhood home. They looked like eagle's heads.

  15. We had to get a man in to sweep our chimney a few years back, John found it hard to control his laughter when he had to ring them up and ask whether he was talking to Sooty or Sweep!


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