Wednesday, August 29

Like Busses

I had another delivery new sofas:)

However the old ones were still here when the new ones arrived so it was rather cramped and verging on the comical....

Nigel and I had a bit of a furniture shuffle - I will be needing a few new cushions but I wanted to wait until they arrived to see how they looked in situ.I might make them or buy them....or even customise some

Not sure about the colour, sublime mocha has a bit of a pinky tone to it, but I'm sure I shall 'bond' in a few years time.
Harry has already made himself at home....

I almost cried when the old ones went - it must be my age(I was quite happy with them it was my husband who insisted on new ones). We donated them to a local charity that supplies essential furniture to people who don't have the basics, so they will continue to offer comfort for a few more years.


  1. Like the new sofas, look very comfy. Haven't had a chance to reply to your email, but I will do shortly! Hope you had a fab weekend.

  2. That looks a bit like my home - not sofas but other bits of furniture. We were meant to be building an extension this summer, bought all the furniture for our new "unfitted" kitchen and haven't managed to get the extension even started yet.
    Our house shrinks by the minute, hemmed in by (admittedly beautiful old) dressers, tables and apothecary drawers.
    When the old sofas move - and that is such a good way to get rid ofthem - your room will seem amazingly spacious,

  3. Our room looks very large now we just have one sofa and an easy chair... I like a house with an eclectic mix of furniture - old and new is the best combination, collected and gathered from hither and zither - and Sofa Workshop.

  4. i'm liking the new sofas v much...pretty similar in shade to ones we have. i felt the need to add some colour to ours with cushions various. infact 2 years on i'm still trying to get round to making some more...on my list of things to do that just don't seem to get done! i really love the shape of yours + their feet (where from?)

    + i love arranging furniture! a favourite past-time : )

    harry looks totally comfy. does he have 1st choice of seat? who gets the chair in your home? enjoy putting your feet up xxx

  5. Tell Harry to go over to the Flour Loft. He might meet a friend!
    Al xxx

  6. The sofa/chair/footstall come from Sofa Workshop - Carrie. Now they are here I'm not sure about the colour (too late) and the comfort factor is also troubling me (too bad). I think there will be jigging about for a few more days.
    Harry is a litle bemused about them and has taken to his bed. The chair is for Nigel/Harry.
    I think the right cushions will transform them.... and something nice on the walls......

  7. I can't wait to get new couches. Your ones look lovely. Unfortunately Monty loves to sharpen his claws on the existing couches. Wicked creature!

  8. Tennyson is shocked that Harry is already on the sofas and not a throw in sight;) I am thinking you will have a heck of a job keeping them clean!!

  9. Loads of different cushions and some throws will transform them.

    We were thinking of getting a sofa from Sofa Workshop - would you recommend them?

  10. Stella - everything is a job keeping clean with Harry around....I thought he kind of blended with sublime mocha...slobber with mocha.
    Poppy - Firstly Hello:) secondly please email me you blog link as I need to see this naughty Monty!
    Cats or dogs, they are as bad as one another; but I could never imagine myself with out a fury pet of some kind.... and who really wants an immaculate house??
    Lisa, Hello. You're right cushions and throws....machine washable ones to boot!
    As for Sofa Workshop - yes I would recommend them, but most of the styles are on the big side....the model I chose was smaller than most. Ours were pretty cheap - the quality is OK. It's so difficult making a big purchase like sofas and not getting the jitters about spending such a lot of money. My last sofas came from M&S and I would definitely recommend them; however Stella's came from there also and she had trouble with her cushion 'innards'. That's not a lot of help is it?

  11. Hi,

    Thanks for your comment on my blog .... I really wanted to force my husband into having a bikini wax (just so he'd know how I suffer) but I had to settle for taking a knitted monkey. Sigh. Maybe next time.

    I love the picture of your lounge with the extra sofas - just like having a cinema at home!


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